Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Archangel Stallone (Kingdom Death Chosen)

Here is my newest! I bought him originally because I thought he looked like Stallone which he doesn't really but I'll keep pretending.
I tried something new on this guy for his wings I actually used gold leaf instead of paint.  Now I can't say that it was worth it but it was a fun experiment. I still had to paint it because it was so flat and bright compared to the rest of the miniature. I will say that gold leaf is a pain in the butt because no matter how well you think you put the glue down for it , it will do what ever the hell it wants. I ended up with a couple of oooops moments but just rolled with them in the end.  Anyways I hope you enjoy him!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sulpher 32mm Tabletop Combat Game Kickstarter

Remember that awesome Vasquez miniature I posted just a little while back.. Well I happened to receive the miniature from the artist WAY before the release date.  Now it looks like the game is finally happening and it will be 32mm instead of the 54mm which I painted up.
Please take a few moments to check them out, as the miniatures look amazing and super fun.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

WHOOOPS! CMON Annual 2012

WHOOOPS! I could have been in the CMON Annual 2012 But I missed a private message back in June asking for high res pics of my images.   I just found it today only because I got a comment on one of my other entries and I figured I would log in to see what I missed.  Looks like quite a bit.

I wish they would have sent me an email instead of a message through their system. I wonder how many other people missed out.

So here are the miniatures they wanted to feature. While you are looking through your copy you can pretend these are in there.

So I haven't updated in a while but I assure you that I am working on painting just not as often as I would like.  I have an amazing piece on my work bench and I've been so busy I haven't had time to get to him.  I will update soon, I promise.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Steampunk Princess

My newest is finally finished : Steampunk Princess by La Fabrica Roja, (you can easily find them on facebook)  and you can get one of these miniatures from CMON.

I did use the air brush on her for the flats of her skin and shirt since the areas were so large I didn't want the paint to build up and have her look lumpy.  Other than the flat color everything is painted with a brush.
I plan on trying out the air brush more for painting since I've seen a few videos and tutorials on it and they make it look simple (*snort*).   I have a ton of miniatures to practice on so we shall see how that goes.
I hope you enjoy my version of the Steampunk Princess as I really enjoyed painting her and can't wait to put her in my display cabinet.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zombie Joe

Here is my newest that I've named Zombie Joe since his name is Joe and he smashes the stuffing out of zombies.

This figure actually broke my painters block so I went really stress free on him. I didn't worry too much about details or trying to get every thing perfect. I based him on my boyfriend Jason who often has blue jeans, camo green shirt, fingerless gloves when he can get away with it and a black mohawk with a blue tint.

The zombie I went really easy on with the colors a base coat and a couple washes of colors on him and I called it good. I added some extra gore with green stuff and glue to help fill in some of the awkward gaps.

And for the life of me I could not get paint to stick on the bottom lip of the base I painted that over quite a few times and any time I touched it it came right off even with a sealer over it. So Eff it.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steampunk Princess Bust Review

So I finally picked up the Steampunk Princess Bust from CMON

I love this sculpt it is amazing!! It is by La Fábrica Roja .
And I remember when I first saw it on facebook I knew I needed to paint it.  I had to wait a while after it came out due to funds but now she is all mine. 
This post is a cry for Valiant casting to slow down and rethink the way they cast up their stuff.   I guess I just think their style of casting is downright sloppy.  I don't encounter any of these problems from any other company who casts in resin ie: SMOG, KD, AMMON, etc..
This is probably the least amount of problems I've had with one of Valiant's resin casts.  It's a beautiful model and I'm going to pain the hell out of it.  So just watch out for the little issues I've pointed out and you should be fine.

So this is where I noticed the huge gap in her neck.  I understand wanting it to be one piece to cut down on mold costs but come on guys at least fill in your gaps and smooth out your glue overflow.

Here she is after I filed the glue blob off her neck and smoothed it out and filled in the gap with green stuff.

Actually this was pretty much all the air bubbles there were which is awesome. But the buckle and strap suffered on her pouch due to an air feed being right on top of it.  So all that detail is gone.  If it was just moved over a tiny bit it could have been avoided.  And of course it suffered from a glob of glue detail which did most of the damage.
Also there was a huge feed in the curve of her shoulder which I had to carve out

First view of her right out of the box. she looks amazing.

Typical Sprue from Valient/CMON I hate them. Those glue blobs and thick balsa wood feeds are horrid. quite often the sculpt gets ruined because they are glued to a curve.  Luckily I have a boyfriend who is a professional sculptor that can re-sculpt any detail that gets destroyed.

Here is an example of how a sculpt get ruined from a huge feed on a small piece.

And again, mostly my fault though If i had been more careful I could have avoided this.  But a less experienced artist might not have the ability to fix it.

A little fill work  which isn't bad at all. It just needs some sanding to make sure it's smooth.

The shoulder did not want to fit and barely touches. Normally I would have painted it separately but due to the huge gap I had to attach and I will have to fill it with green stuff .  Luckily her sleeve covers up the area where the feed ruined the detail on the pouch.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bombshell Babes Kickstarter rewards received

Hi All! 
I've finally gotten my Bombshell babes kickstarter rewards.  Here are some pics for anyone interested. 
After seeing the process pics and the final product I decided that I'm just not into them. I love the concept but not the sculpts. I will be selling them off but I'm giving my forum buddies on WAMP the first go at them.  After that the rest will be on ebay. 
*EDIT  if you are interested I'm seeling the girls for $7 each and the sidekicks/weapons/bases $6 for each group.  plus shipping .  please email me at sistersofbattle @ gmail and i'm more than happy to give you a shipping quote based off your address and what you would like.  A few have sold already.


Pussy Patrol : SOLD

Maelee : SOLD

Victoriana : SOLD

Sci-fi Sidekicks : SOLD