Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sister of Battle Seraphim 3 3/4" Action Figure

Here is something that has been on my work bench for easily over a year.

Jason designed her, put her together, and bought all the pieces for me (he did all the hard work).

I had started her and put her on the back of the desk because I found myself frustrated with trying to paint an un-paintable object.  But with all the research I've been doing these past few months I was finally able to pick her up and finish her for the most part.  Originally I was trying to paint her like a standard miniature and found myself overwhelmed but this time I used pastels a little paint and lots of sealer.  She is simple for a mini but complex for an action figure.  
I actually broke out the air brush for pretty much the first time and painted the black on her legs with it.  I had to get some air brush cleaner and new paints first but once the air brush was cleaned out she was a breeze to paint.
But enough with the reading here are the pictures! I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Custom GI Joe Colton /Bruce Willis

This is my newest and 2nd Joe Colton.  I originally customized one and got a ton of requests for commissions. But with running my own business I don't have any time for that.  So I managed to grab another Joe from the store the other day.   I did a lighter face up and some body shading to give him a bit more depth.  Nothing too fancy.
I put him up on eBay and as of now he still has 6 days.  Here is the link if you want to check him out.