Monday, August 31, 2009

Seraphim Bases WIP

Ok so i know this isn't much, but i've been working on the custom bases for my Seraphim Squads. I say Squads because i have enough minis to almost max out two squads. I already have two different color schemes in mind. White and Red like my Celestian Squad and Blue and Silver for the 2nd squad to match my old SoBs.

So the bases are inspired by the rubble and wreckage of war. i wanted the Sisters to be suspended but look like they belong on the battle field. I thought about repeating the cotton/smoke effect from the jump packs i did 10 years ago but i just wasn't feeling it. So with a little help from Jason we are on our way to have a ton of killer bases.

These are made from Bits of Styrene, tiled styrene for the base, some copper rod along with some cast up ruins from Hirst Arts, and the stone wall is Magic Sculpt. I still need to pin some of the pieces together and to the bases so they don't fall over and break. I can't wait to add the Sisters to them and get them painted, they are gonna look awesome.

I've been crazy busy with my business so my Sisters have been slow going, but there will be more soon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old Skaven

While taking pictures yesterday I dug up what was left of my skaven army after i sold it off years ago.
There isn't much left anymore this is about half of what i have left. I did have a lot of fun painting these buggers 10 years ago.

Not much to report on my sisters yet, Most of them have made it out of the Simple Green and have been scrubbed clean. As for the rest of them i need to get a harder bristle tooth brush to clean them with. I don't know what i painted them with but it doesn't want to come off.
I also got my new little painting station set up, i just need to get a lamp for it. I have some horrible color schemes in mind for them, chartreuse is one of the colors i want to use... so yeah prepare to have your eyes burst into flame due to how bright my girls are going to be... humm maybe i should go the opposite way and do some dirty green armor. I guess i'll just have to see what happens when i take brush to mini.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lost n Found & the Dip!

A while back before I moved I said that I came across a treasure trove of SoBs. Well here is a pic of it all for your drooling pleasure. All except for the rhino, terminator & Dante have gone for a dip in simple green. I believe most of the Sisters were given to me by one of my old Gamers from when i worked in the game shop. It seemed to be a trend of guys buying Sisters then giving up on them and handing them over to me. I can tell you I never complained. out of this batch i only painted Dante, the Terminator, and half painted the sister in white.

The only bummer part is that there are no back packs except for the two jump packs. But that problem has been solved already. ;)

So speaking of the Dip my Seraphim have also joined this band of misfits in a simple green bath. Here is a before picture of them. As I said before i just couldn't handle the eldar wings anymore.
Although after taking the pic and looking at in in photoshop the flying bases look much cooler in the lightbox than on the gaming board. I use to have loose cotton surrounding the bases so it looked like there was exhaust coming out of the jump packs. I don't know if i would do that again or not. But I plan on putting some effort into making custom bases for these girls. Man i hate that model with the Sword pointing up, I'm trying to figure out some decent conversions for her, cause i'm gonna rip out my eyes if i have to paint 4 of them.... Any suggestions? Eviscerator? Holy Symbol? Kitten? convert both weapons to bolt pistols, inferno pistols or flamers?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Can't we just get "Beyond Thunderdome"?

Art from Deviant Art Check it out

Seriously I can't wait for this move to be done. We move to our new place in 2 days and it's gonna be a brutal moving day. But once it's all over I'll get to set up my work station and then also have a dedicated painting station next to my honey. After all the bonus of this hobby is spending more time with my man.
So my goal for this month is to get all the 'in progress' minis finished up and based. Then Start on my Seraphim squad. First they will all need to take a bath in simple green for at least a day to get all the old paint off and i'll need to snap those ugly eldar wings off of them. I'll try to take a 'before' picture of them so i can do a before and after once i'm finished.
I think I'm going to paint them up white like my newest squad of sisters, At least one squad of them anyways, I have enough for two squad i might paint the other ones blue and black.. I'm not sure yet. I'll have to see how it goes.

Also while packing up my miniatures i finally realized how I learned to paint, I unearthed my dwindling Skaven army. Nothing will teach you how to paint more than painting a 2500 pt Skaven army. (well any large army) Of course i started my skaven army before they came out with plastics. I did paint up a couple of boxes of plastic skaven to round out my army but i really hated them. The metals ones were more fun to paint. I wish i didn't sell all my cool larger models. :( My Rat ogres, Doom Wheels, and Bell all gone. I really had a lot of fun playing my skaven army. I know i fielded it way more than i ever played my Sisters back in the day.

I finally got to play my first 5th edition game and well it wasn't much different than 3rd edition at least from what i remember. We played a small 500pt game Sisters Vs. Chaos and of course the typical 'learning' mistakes happened but it was a lot of fun. I 'won' but i really can't consider it a win since it was my first game in ages and the beginner is always suppose to win.
But since i've played it has helped me figure out how i want to expand my Inquisitor Retinue and i'm going to have to do some conversions to get what i want. Muahahaha

Ok more later as I have some packing to do for the big day.