Monday, September 21, 2009

Why my Boyfriend needs a blog .. part 2

His Published works:

The man already works full time sculpting awesome miniatures for Privateer press and has an amazing portfolio. I would love to see him have an actual online portfolio and a place to post tutorials. He is an amazing teacher and i think the gaming community would benefit from what knowledge he could share.

Anyways I'm sure some of you already own his work.
Here is a sample:
First the Trolls...




One of my Favs simply for his pimp daddy fur collar

Now the Jacks: I'll only post a couple here

Little Known fact that the extreme Jack was actually sculpted before Drago so a lot of the techniques that the extreme uses were also used in making Drago.

Now he has a LOT more work i could post but i really want him to post it on his own blog.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Primed and ready to Rock! \m/

Here is a quick sneak preview of my Seraphim on their new fancy bases along with an objective marker. Sorry no Individual pics yet but there will be once they are fully painted.
The objective marker organ i originally made as a base but then got a lecture from my man that the more crazy the base the more it takes away from the figure. :\ I still think it would make a killer base but it will also make a neat marker so I win either way.

I've already started painting them up so they should be done soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Why my boyfriend needs a blog .. part 1

I've been on an ongoing quest to get my boyfriend to have some sort of online blog or portfolio of his amazing work. He is always working on something be it work from Privateer press or something Orky for his 40k army.
So this morning while he is sleeping I snuck some photos of his 'in progress' Ork Looted Tank that he is scratch building. Now this sucker is so big we could probably play a game ON IT, it also doesn't fit in our light box and i had to snap some pictures in front of our fireplace..
Please feel free to post comments or questions here and help me try to persuade him to at least get a blog going cause I know others out there could benefit from his knowledge.