Monday, July 20, 2009

Saint Celestine

Now here is a mini that i had a lot of fun painting and also cussed at quite a bit. After i took pictures of it i have noticed a few areas that i need to touch up but that will have to wait after Jason and I have moved to our new place. We have been packing and going through old boxes this past week and while i was having my go at the book shelf i found an old box full of sisters of battle along with an unfinished old fashion rhino tank that need a nice dip in simple green. I'm debating turning the rhino into some sort of terraine piece or if i should make another immolator out of it.
In the bunch of sisters were two more multi-melta Sobs, along with some flamers, 3 or 4 seraphim of course too many sister superiors. The awesome find was another old canoness which is an awesome mini and after reading a ton of army lists i've been wanting to add a serephim jump back pack to her.
I've decided i'm going to repaint all of my old seraphim and take all the crappy eldar wings i stuck on them off. I'm so over the whole 'winged' phase of modeling. I think with them i'm really going to work on some fun bases since they are all flying bases right now and i might want to change that.

Ok on to Celestine and the creepy Cherubim holding up her cape.

*edit 2/01/2012
Since I've noticed a ton of hits on this page I decided to retake pictures of her since these are pretty old.
None of the paint has been updated or changed.  Just a new lighting and background set up.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Chainsaw WIP *Rizzzzzzziziziz*

I'm pretty much done painting one of the two priests i have, since my boyfriend got them for me on ebay with a bunch of other figs they happen to be the same one. I'm amazed at how fast painting them is. I don't know if it's just cause they are fun to paint or if they have less details than the sisters i'm use to painting.

i have plans for my next one, I plan on sculpting crazy eyebrows on him because after painting this i decided he neeeeeds eyebrows. I also think i'm going to draw some tattoos on his head as well, it's a perfect canvas. I also tried to show off the dent in the back of his head with out overdoing it. Also on my next one i want to try doing blood on the chainsaw, jason at one point found a tutorial for stringy blood and we just need to find the right glue to do it with. I would really like to have some strings and chunks of bloodly flesh on the chainsaw and his robes/face/beard. but i have to make sure not to overdo it.

Also right now i'm packing up my apartment as we are moving on the 6th so i won't be doing a lot of painting :( unless i start going crazy from packing boxes. I have a sage i still need to take a picture of and celestine to post.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crusader WIP

So this Crusader has been giving me a hell of a time. I've repainted his robes about 4 times and i'm finally happy with what i have. But his armor and other fabric folds on his legs and waist are eluding me. I found that his robes were a bitch to pain since it was just having a giant canvas to work on with out any depth. So i free hand painted a Fluer de lis on it. it's not perfect but it's fun.

So i took a pic of him and figured i would let him sit for a few weeks and i would come back to him.
I really want to dunk him in simple green and start over, but i think he just needs some serious clean up and it will be ok.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Flame On!

Ok here are some more oldies! I finally finished editing the last batch of pictures i took of my army. I'm also thinking about taking a full army photo before i begin my expansion.

I think these are some of my first experience painting white robes.. and wow are they bad! I think painting all my squad with silver metallic paint back then really turned me off to using metallics now. I like metallics but i need to find a way to make them look awesome and not so fake. Although i'm very fond of the heavy flamer paint scheme.
Veiled Squad 1999
And of course you can see that all of my sisters are punk rock with their hair colors.
Now because i wanted them to be girly i gave them real veils. Hot plasma really mixes with nylon quite well. Yes this is the figure that usually holds the sword, I've always hated that sword. So now her pose is quite gangster and she is going to pop a plasma cap in your ass.

This one always cracks me up, a heavy flamer with a veil, seriously funny when you think about it. I'm going spray hot liquid fire all over my foes while i wear a highly flammable garment over my face.
And yes i was crazy enough to take teeny tiny pieces of netting and glue them onto their heads, I would have done the whole squad if i had the time back then. But i have the time now! lol

It's Not 40k but it's made of awesome

So i know this isn't 40k related but it related to my Significant other who sculpts miniatures for a living. Privateer Press just released one of his awesome sculpts and of course i want to see everything he does succeed i'm going to post it here for your enjoyment. The Extreme Juggernaut it fully poseable down to the fingers and is made of pure awesome. Sculpted by the amazing Jason Hendricks by hand with a lot of love, elbow grease and quite a bit of blood. It's an amazing figure even if you don't play Warmachine.

You can Get your own Here Or you can view more pictures Here
He also sculpted the Extreme Dire Troll Mauler and Extreme Warpwolf

Ok my pimp work is done here. ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Painting thoughts

I've been taking my time painting my minis so far i have a handful of 'almost' completed figures some of them just need tiny touch ups and to be based. I also like to set my minis down for a few days or more just to get a new perspective on them. Usually after a rest i can move past any issues i was having before.

So with this Acolyte for my HQ retinue I decided to try painting purple. i got out a blue based purple and a red based purple. I have to say i'm not a fan of the red based purple it's too much like pink after adding the highlights. Also with the blue purple i think i went a bit harsh with shading and highlighting but after a second look with the pictures it seems to be ok...
He has been removed from the cork base and onto a normal base I still need to figure out what i want to do with his base. I've been trying to get past a basing 'block' 'hate' or what ever you want to call it. I find basing a chore and put it off as long as i can. I'm hoping to find some sort of zen or love of basing but i'm not sure how that will happen.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

SoB Blue Squad 1999

So what do we have here today? Well i went through and photographed most of my old army to share with everyone. So here is my blue squad, so i basically painted all the squads different color themes so i could keep track of them when making army lists and on the playing field. let me tell ya it made it much easier in the long run. some people put little dots, numbers or symbols on the back of their bases.. not me i have to paint the whole damn thing differently. Now that squad sizes have changed well all that color coding pretty much went out the window. I have to mix and match in order to get full squads now. So much for that cunning plan. I barely have enough to fill out each squad anymore.

I pulled out the old 2nd Ed SoB codex the other day and i realized where all my painting inspiration came from. There were a lot of little things that i did that the minis in the codex also had. for example i'm sure most of you will notice the black lining around the inside of the robes while the base color is white.
Also again these were punk rock sisters with their crazy colored hair. I'm debating if i want to start doing this again (If i paint up any more basic troups).

SoB Blue Squad 1999

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My first conversion 1999ish

Way back in the day when i was managing that game store Mordheim was released for the first time. So of course i had to learn how to play it and paint up a warband.
Bertha was my favorite figure and it looked like she would fit right in to my Sob Army.
At the time my Ex played Orks and i was quite adept and kicking his Orky butt on the battle field so like the horrible gf i was i rummaged through his bits box and made a nice base for Bertha to stand on. I also gave her two standard poles with ork heads mounted on the top. I had always meant to give her two crazy banners flowing off those poles but it just never seemed to happen.

My paint job on the orks is quite bad, i'm almost ashamed of it when i look at it. I really just slopped the whole thing together.
Now Bertha i really enjoyed painting. (If anyone has a Bertha figure they want to sell/trade please let me know) I would love another one.
So yeah i chopped off her hammer and gave her a plasma pistol and then on her other arm i gave her a power fist. Seriously i didn't care about if she was playable at the time i just wanted to have a huge figure for the game board to taunt my Ex with.. It worked.. I don't think he ever won a game against me. Hell I don't think he wanted to play me again. LOL I'm sure he was pissed I looted his orks for my conversion. But since I was the store manager and got 30% off GW products and gave him my discount he could suck it.

Oh and I found my original sisters warband I think they are going to take a dip in simple green for a night and get repainted. The figures are so fun i don't think i could pass up painting them agan.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Repentia Mistress Conversion (WIP)

So since i'm a cheapskate and i'm saving up money for a move next month I'm not spending money on anything extra. I had a few extra sister superiors laying around with no use for them since i don't have enough troops for more squads i decided to convert a superior into a Repentia Mistress.
My boyfriend was kind enough to run with it and Chopped off the sword and the gun and then rolled out some green stuff on floral wire and made up a couple of whips.
1 Mix up your green stuff
2 cut a piece of floral wire longer than what you need for your whips
3 cover your floral wire except for the base leave at least an inch sticking out so you can move your whip around when it's wet.
4 roll your whip between two smooth surfaces so you don't get your grubby finger prints on it (we used 2 pieces of Chip board (super thick) covered in packaging tape) make sure to taper the tip of the whip.
5 Now only handle the exposed wire and move your whips aside or under a heat lamp and let them dry
6 Once dry you can bend your whips into the shape you want, be careful not to break them.

He also made some hand guards out of an =I= icon we had laying around.

So yeah she isn't too pretty right now, i had started to paint her up before the conversion started but I think she is ready to go again. I'm not sure when i'll get to paint her but i'll post her when she is done.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Now we move on to the Inquisition, so far i have two models painted up for my either HQ or Elite choice. I'm not real fond of the male inquisitor models so i might just use this one as a proxy for a Lord. Although Mr. Crazy Inquisitor lord Karamozov in his throne is looking tempting. I can't justify spending $50 on a model though. Maybe if i stumble on a cheap one on ebay or something.

Anyways here is my Inquisitor She was my first attempt at painting red robes i discovered it's actually pretty easy to get the look i want but it just takes time.
I was quit annoyed with painting the face on this model, i swear they didn't sculpt her any eyes so i painted some on her. I was pulling my hair out on this one. Then i painted the Hospitaler who looks like she has been punched in the eyes, well at least i gave them both eyebrows.

Anyways i'm currently working on the rest of the retinue right now. I have an acolyte almost done and the crusader almost done. I will then work on a few preachers and servo skulls that I plan on customizing a bit. I can't stand those huge stands they have them on. I'm gonna clip them off of them and put them on some wire or clear tubing depending on how strong it is. Maybe get some purity seals added or something like that. After this post i need to take more pictures of what i have painted including my old army to help fill out this journal untill i finish painting new models.

Here is the Hospitaler and i feel i was a bit heavy handed with shading and highlighting the robes. I'm going to try to even it out in the future. As you can see i tried to match the armor i did for the inquisitor since i had such a blast painting it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Next is my Canoness, since i am revamping my old army i needed a new canoness and i actually like the model for it. She was actually a lot of fun to paint and i'm pretty happy with how she came out.
I got to experiment with Non-metal Metallics which i'm not sure worked or not but I'm happy i didn't have to paint with metallic paint. After looking over my old models i've been trying to avoid the use or over use of metallic paint. Although i think i'm going to experiement with shading and highlighting metallics and see if i can reach Zen with them again.
Back to the Canoness, it turns out i painted the flames backwards and they should be white at the base and black at the top. Ooops, next time i'll fix that. (I also did it on my inqusitor so don't be surprised when you see it again)
But i did get to play with the flame coloring on her hair and cloak. Hell i don't even know what that technique is called in the painting world. Realisim?
I found her armor to be over crowed with junk everything was squeezed into such a tight area it was quite hard to see what was going on.
I would list all the paints used on this one but i honestly can't remember all of them since there was a lot.
Also this was my first attempt at painting white robes and they didn't quite turn out how i expected i found the white to be quite difficult to blend and i ended up blending my colors right on the miniature to get the effect i wanted.