Thursday, July 29, 2010

Calico Kate

Just Finished up Calico Kate.
I went with some different colors than i'm use to especially the pinks and purples. Painting the blues felt like cheating honestly. I primed the mech black which is different than what i'm use to, it's been a long time since I actually primed a figure a color other than white. Kate herself was primed in white so I could get the brilliant pink colors on her suit.
A lot of custom pinning was done to get the mech in this pose as some of you know this mech comes in a standing pose and I really wanted it to resemble the original art work. So my Boyfriend was kind enough to pin it all in this pose for me. Cause seriously I just stared at it blankly while trying to figure out how I was going to pin it. But he is a pro and had it done in no time.
The bases also have custom wood planks that were all sculpted in green stuff. Since she is a pirate she is running along a deck of a ship before she messes it up.
Anyways this was a ton of fun to paint, it's also a beautiful model and well worth the price especially if you love painting to paint. I find it quite relaxing after a hard day of work.
And of course after taking these pictures I've already spotted areas I need to touch up.

Next up is something small from soda pop Ayu Beat

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Menoth Jack

So my newest finished piece is finally done! Yay! I know it's not 40k but this girl needs a break from painting little metal nuns every so often. Although this piece really isn't much of a stretch.

At this point i'm painting for enjoyment and not for building an army so i've gone through a box of minis and set aside all the ones I think will be fun to paint. Seriously I have more than an army's worth to paint at this point.

I'm not super happy with these pic as the ivory shows up a bit to yellow due for my liking due to the conversion to web jpg. Also who ever sculpted the squigglies on the shoulder pads and other do-dads SUCKS, worst job ever.. seriously I could do better than that..ok maybe not but i don't get paid to sculpt and they did. They could have at least taken the time to smooth out the groove bumps, you know those raised edges you get when you drag a needle through some clay.. yeah those.
But besides that this guy was fun to paint, a lot of nice surface area to shade and highlight, nothing at all like that evil penitent engine. At the end I didn't do a lot of touch ups that I would normally do (out-lining every piece to make sure colors are crisp) Since I could have spent about 3-5 extra hours on that alone.
The next piece i've already start on : Calico Kate from Soda Pop Miniatures.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Riding Wolves

Recently my boyfriend Jason sculpted some awesome (IMHO) wolves for a small company: Paulson Games. <-- click to order some for yourself!
These wolves can be used for some of your favorite fantasy and space games.
The heads are inter-changeable and they also come with 'space legs' I believe 'fantasy legs' will be available soon. They also come with custom bases. You can see actual 'greens' pictures Here.