Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lady Usher - SMOG

A little something new Lady Usher from Smart Max's SMOG line.  She was wonderful to paint I quite enjoyed it.   Originally I had planned to put her in an overly complicated clock tower scene but after working it over and over and not having it work I decided for something a little simpler, A red marble floor seemed proper.
Also who ever designed those fairies holding her cape sucks, I feel bad for the sculptor (JAG) having to sculpt them. They are thin and tiny and painting them was difficult because I pretty much had to lay them on a paper towel paint one side, let it dry then paint the other side.  I need to go back over them but just touching them with a paint brush worries me as they are only held onto her cape with a spot of zap a gap and that is it. They are too tiny to pin but thankfully they are light enough that the spot of glue is holding up well.  But let's just say she won't be doing any traveling to the local game shop for display any time soon.
I have a little bit of touch ups i need to do on her parasol and her cape as I noticed some paint rubbed off when I was handling her and I smudged a line.. whooops. .   Anyways I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.