Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Show us how big brother! - SDE Dragons

Well I finally finished up those Super dungeon explore dragons I started oh so long ago.  I went for something easy, silly and not too involved for this one. It was almost like instant satisfaction since I only had to do a small amount of painting and put them on a base.
Now i'm sure if you own SDE box you will notice my winged dragon is much larger than yours and no it's not available to the public. That is unless someone bugs soda pop enough for them to make it available but I don't see it happening, but I could be wrong. ;)   I should also include that my boyfriend sculpted these little buggers for Soda Pop,  ( Check out his Blog here ) which is why I have different sized dag-rons than everyone else.
Anyways this is my first entry for the Soda pop painting contest I posted about a few days ago. (scroll down for information)  Now I've started on my next one and she will take much longer to paint than this one.   I hope you enjoy these little dag-rons as much as I do.