Sunday, October 4, 2009

Seraphim Squad Done?

Ok everyone the day i know i have been waiting for since i started this crazy project. I finally mostly finished my new Seraphim squad. It has been slow going and near the end of it i started to get frustrated with not being finished. As i go over the pictures i realized I've forgotten to finish a few touch up and blending on the bases. So those will be finished tonight.
But they look fabulous together and i can't wait to make a custom display base for them.

As always you can click on each image to get a larger view.

Since RC requested it, I took pictures at 4 different angles so you can see all the way around the mini.
This one is one of my favs but the pictures turned out like hell and i'm going to have to retake them at a later date. But i love the bronze paint job i did on the I beam. Cray Havoc issue 4 (i think i'll have to check on that) has a small tutorial on it. I also painted their guns in NMM style and let me tell you that if you start a squad in NMM do it all in one sitting because you will come back to it later and have totally forgotten what you did the time before. But i believe my next squad will have NMM Armor same as the guns. If you haven't figured it out yet i'm not one to paint my army all in the same style because seriously that would be boring.

This one i wanted the lamp to look transparent but have the glass still intact. Not sure if i pulled it off but it was fun to paint. I tried to find examples in all the magazines we have and failed but i'll keep looking for next time.

This was the last one i worked on and by the time i got to it i was wishing i had made all the bases easy to paint. I need to go back and rework some of the shadows on the back of the door. I also made both sides to the door and the other superior in my 2nd squad will be mounted on it.

The flamer is my other favorite in the group. I loved painting the base as determining where all the shadows would fall was a fun little puzzle.
I'm least happiest with this base or i should say where i have the seraphim placed on the base as it looks like she is pushing off the wall with her feet.

Ok there you go! Now it's time to get back to work for me. Let me know what you think!