Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sneak peek of large project

So here is the start of a very large project that will take many moons to complete.   Since i'm finally on my winter vacation (all 7 days of it)  I'm going to start painting one of the figures. I'm not sure which one yet. It may be the dog. ;) 
Missing from the picture is the wall and door between the step and bar. Table, Chairs, Drunk robot and probably a bunch of odds and ends.   This piece is going to be my tribute to Post Apocalyptic movies and there will be a lot of little do-dads from those movies in it.  Got an idea for something you think I should add well now is your chance! Post it in the comments and I may just use it! ;)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lion Knight 2 & Court by Kingdom Death - Finished

Well he didn't turn out as dark as I had planned and I never truly got a good flow with the court women but over all I'm mildly happy with them. I probably could have spent another 5 hours on their flesh tones just to get it right.  There are still a few shiny spots so it looks like I may need to go over them again with the matte sealer as well as clean up and adjust a few spots here and there.
Anyways enough with kicking myself on this guy I hope you enjoy.  This set is really enjoyable to paint.   
Also if you haven't seen it yet Kingdom Death is running a Kickstarter for his game MONSTER
Please check it out!! 
*edit : updated pictures

Thursday, December 6, 2012

KD - Lion Knight 2 - WIP update

Here is a little update on my Lion Knight.  I've also been working on his women which is why there doesn't seem to be very much done to him since last time.  No picture of them yet as they have a long way to go. Skin tones seem to take forever to paint. I've also put a coat of paint on his base as well (not pictured) So I totally have a plan now! :D
I also still have a long way to go with this guy, I need to add a dark orange glaze to his darker hair and clean up the gold trim on his cape and i'm sure a bunch of other fiddly stuff.  I'm saving his claws for last since they seem to get a lot of contact from my hand when I'm painting and i don't want my hard work to rub off.