Friday, May 24, 2013

Steampunk Princess

My newest is finally finished : Steampunk Princess by La Fabrica Roja, (you can easily find them on facebook)  and you can get one of these miniatures from CMON.

I did use the air brush on her for the flats of her skin and shirt since the areas were so large I didn't want the paint to build up and have her look lumpy.  Other than the flat color everything is painted with a brush.
I plan on trying out the air brush more for painting since I've seen a few videos and tutorials on it and they make it look simple (*snort*).   I have a ton of miniatures to practice on so we shall see how that goes.
I hope you enjoy my version of the Steampunk Princess as I really enjoyed painting her and can't wait to put her in my display cabinet.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Zombie Joe

Here is my newest that I've named Zombie Joe since his name is Joe and he smashes the stuffing out of zombies.

This figure actually broke my painters block so I went really stress free on him. I didn't worry too much about details or trying to get every thing perfect. I based him on my boyfriend Jason who often has blue jeans, camo green shirt, fingerless gloves when he can get away with it and a black mohawk with a blue tint.

The zombie I went really easy on with the colors a base coat and a couple washes of colors on him and I called it good. I added some extra gore with green stuff and glue to help fill in some of the awkward gaps.

And for the life of me I could not get paint to stick on the bottom lip of the base I painted that over quite a few times and any time I touched it it came right off even with a sealer over it. So Eff it.