Friday, August 31, 2012

Artemis Finished

Despite all the craziness that has been going on in my life I have finally managed to finish Artemis.
Artemis has been hanging around my miniature bin for a while now. Finally WAMP forum decided to run a painting contest and she got pulled out and she was finally graced with paint.

I decided not to go crazy with the paint scheme and to keep it simple. Although I couldn't resist adding a portrait of medusa onto her shield. I've been trying to push myself to take advantage of large empty  spaces this way.  Medusa was a lot of fun to paint for sure.  
I also tried the really drastic NMM on the sword that a lot of people have been doing to their GW models, and I feel like it looks like crap in real life but looks great in pictures. It's kinda odd that way.  I'm sure I could have pushed the highlights further than I did but I just wasn't feeling "it".
The base is a cheapie I picked up at my local game shop I can't remember what company puts it out. I'll have to check next time i'm there if anyone is interested.

Anyways I off and I hope you enjoy Artemis as much as I do.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Soda Pop Miniatures painting contest!

Good morning everyone!  In case you didn't know WAMP forum is hosing a painting contest for Soda pop miniatures.  Get out your paint brushes because this is going to be a fun one!

• 1st Place - Super Dungeon Explore box set
• 2nd place - $50 Soda Pop voucher
• Special WAMP Prize - $50 voucher to the entry that tickles my fancy, whether its a clever diorama or some funky conversion or just a great paintjob, go on impress me!

4pm UK Time, 24th October 2012

4pm UK Time, 31st October 1012 for supporters


  • You must be a Wamp Member to participate. Membership is free and you may registerhere.
  • You may enter as many times as you like but each entry may only submit one photograph so if you need more angles it MUST be a montage.
  • Images must be no larger than 1000 pixels wide by 3500 pixels high. (It is your responsibility to check this).
  • any additional photographs of that entry will be removed.
  • You give Wamp and Sodapop Miniatures permission to use your pictures for publicity (but you do retain ownership).
  • You may post pictures of WIP or final shots both here and elsewhere.
  • Judging will be decided by public vote.
  • Submissions must be posted to the Contest Gallery You must make sure you select the correct contest option in the contest select box either during upload (if using the basic uploader) or via edit pictures after upload

You can find Sodapop Miniatures here:


best of luck folks

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Don't mess with my Aliens obsession!

Any one who knows me in person knows that I LOVE Aliens. It has been my favorite movie since I was a kid, even with all the nightmares it gave me. This obsession has bled over to modeling and I want to acquire all the old AEF 54mm aliens/marines resin models.  So i've gotten a few off of ebay and I happen to find someone who had some and recast them.  Well I got them and they were not the best casting job to put it kindly.   So I didn't ask for my money back I left neutral feed back which you can see here:

It's not cruel or mean, I just wanted others to know it wasn't the best kit.  But you will notice that the seller decided to insult me as a person. I had my website information connected to my Ebay account  (which i've since removed) and I guess some how he found my facebook account (which isn't suppose to be public "Thanks facebook!")  and he is making a comment based on a joke picture I took while working with some E6000 glue which I'm allergic to.  I usually wear gloves and a respirator when working with it. 

This picture:

I have no fear! Let my freak flag fly high and proud!  I mean how could I not wear a light up mohawk with my respirator?!?! Who runs Barter Town?
By the way you can get the mohawk at Toys R Us near the check out.  You know you want one!

Ok so what could be so bad about the kit that I would leave a neutral feedback for? Well I took some pictures and you can judge for yourself. They are unaltered except to brighten up a few of them, and you can tell me what kind of feedback you would have left. 

Here are those blobs of putty I was talking about, you can even see a finger print in the flamer blob towards the front of the gun. 

Lots of air bubbles, most of them were missing their fingers, and more putty blobs to accentuate his armor.
  Putty Blobs

Let's stick some putty in here and file it down, no one will notice!
 Blobs and filed down again
 Air bubbles in the fingers here.
 This piece isn't too bad ;)
 Oh noes he is missing his toes!
 Who needs their chin and fingers? I know I don't.

 Double mold lines! He didn't bother to clean up the original model before making his mold. So now you get two mold lines for the price of one.  (If it's not clear , these are recasts from originals)

So yeah that is a neutral for me, he shipped fast so I didn't wait long.   I was willing to let it go with just a neutral feedback and not asking for my money back. I'm still not asking for my money back. But I honestly don't believe I deserve to be insulted in my ebay feed back especially by someone who is trying to make a new business and is a Chief Firefighter.  (BamBam Models).  I just don't understand why someone who is there to protect our communities can be that way not just to me but to his other customers who were not happy with his product or service.  Shame on you Sir! You are suppose to be a model citizen.  Shame....

I run my own online business and I'm always kind and work my hardest to make everything right for my customers.  Customers /Fans are what make your business successful and grow, insulting them will not accomplish that.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Artemis - Work in Progress

It's been a while since I've actually posted a work in progress update.  Here is one of the many version of Artemis by Hasslefree miniatures.  I'm painting this girl up for WAMP's HF painting contest.  There is still plenty of time to paint a miniature if you want to enter as well.
So far i've mainly just worked on her skin tone and had just finished added some purples, reds, and pinks to her skin.   Since these pictures I've started in on the NMM pieces so I can come back to the skin later and do touch ups.  I plan on painting a picture onto her shield as it's a large blank canvas and needs something awesome to fill up that space. Also I've already got her base chosen and ready to be painted as well.  Of course you will have to wait for the finished piece to see it.