Saturday, February 27, 2010

Army Pic

A little bit of fun before I post about my hate twards the Penitent Engine..
We finally got a new display case from Ikea so we can display our armies. Here is a quick shot of mine I took this morning. You should be able to see the old paint jobs and the new ones very clearly in this.
I left it full size so you can click on the image and see it much larger.
After playing a small game 1250pts against RC and getting my @ss handed to me I realized I need more heavy weapons... some serious firepower. I have 3 exorcists in various stages and 1 land raider partially completed.
Not sure if these will help much at this point, as i'm having the 'I need a new codex' blues. My boyfriend suggested I play a different army, and well the only other one I would want to play (BT) doesn't have a new codex either. I think i'm going to have to make my own SM chapter or something. although i'm not even sure I want to paint up that many SM models. I think I just want to paint up those terminators that I bought cause they are fun models.
So question for you: How do you deal with the 'new codex blues'?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

BOLS Tyranid Challenge

So my man Jason finally entered an online challenge and his Tyrannofex made it to the top 10 for voting! Check out BoLS and Vote for your Favorite!.
I of course voted for Jason, there are some awesome conversions shown and they are all winners in my book!
I should also add that he finally started a blog, there is nothing on it yet. but he plans on doing a lot of tutorials. here is it :