Monday, October 17, 2011

What big teeth you have grandma....

I've been holding onto these pictures for a while. I actually started them then decided to enter them into a contest on the WAMP forum where judging starts at the first of next month.
So Red Riding Hood is Kingdom Deaths 54mm Twilight Knight and the Wolf is Privateer Press's Warp Wolf Extreme (which my boyfriend designed and sculpted).  The warp wolf is the same one I started painting brown last year and put up on a shelf because I wasn't happy with how it was coming out.  So it got a simple green bath and since simple green kills green stuff i also had to refill all the gaps.
His skin tone was painted using many shades of blues, blacks and purples and his fur was done with blacks and reddish browns.  I really enjoyed painting his skin as it seemed much easier this time than it did before. A year of practice really made a difference for sure.
Red Riding Hood was my first practice subject for painting metallic paints (before Sebastian a few posts back). I really enjoyed experimenting with the browns, red, purples and blues on the silvers.
I trimmed down her cape because I really wanted her butt to show I know i'm a perv but seriously this miniature has a great ass. The body shape of the KD figures really reminds me of go go dancers from the 60s. Anyways I also added a few holes into the cape and trimmed down how thick the cape was in the shoulders and on the inside length of it.
The base is one of those cheep wooden plaques you can get at the craft stores for a buck.  The end where the tree trunk meets the base was hollowed out and then the tree was pinned to the wood and covered with magic sculpt to make sure it wouldn't pop out at any time.  Jason's Dremel really got a work out. Roots were sculpted with Fimo and the rock is well a rock from the front yard.  Fluffy green flock was used for the forrest floor and tiny dried flowers and moss were added.  The mushroom on the tree I sculpted and the magic mushroom on the ground Jason sculpted for me. They were actually demos for me so I would know how to sculpt them of course his demos are going to be better than any I can put together the first time around.
Lastly the wood base was painted last and then covered in 2 layers of dark wood varnish - voila she is done!
*Updated with new images*

*Edit : Butt Shot added per request! 


  1. An astounding, fantastic re-interpretation of the tale!

    The Wolf could well have the eyes of Tex Avery's one :)

    KD 35mm miniatures are excellent, specially the girls. Unfortunately (while announced as components of a future boardgame) they look more like 'display case' figurines than like gaming miniatures: the poses are very 'static' (your chosen setting totally alleviate this peculiarity). Not that 'extreme' active poses are more useful, nobody is frantically waving a sword at all times, but 'generic / all purpose' attitudes fit best the miniatures player wishes.

    Besides, to choose an 'unconventional' size incompatible with 'mainstream' gaming miniatures (as also Tercio Creativo did) is a gambit. Probably intended to secure the loyalty of 'consumers' (i.e. to prevent them from giving a cent to the 'competition'), but can also deter most of potential buyers and restrict the market to highest-level painters of display pieces (you provide an amazing example!).
    Unfortunate for the average wargamer -the KD'creation chain', from very talented design (specially for feminine forms) to moulding, has a tremendous potential, and it certainly would have not be difficult to produce 30mm miniatures as superbly detailed as 35mm ones...

    Now without her 'peripherals' the 'Wet Nurse' would make an appropriately disturbing / revolting 'Lovecraftian' monstrosity for Cthulhu / Strange Aeons (or the new Carnevale) players, but it's another matter entirely :)

    You are a 'teaser', you know? You insist on the modifications you did to the cape and *why*, and none of the photos allow your reader to really appreciate the result... :)

    Best regards,

  2. Thanks for the amazing comment. I'll see what i can do about getting a 'behind' shot for everyone. I honestly didn't even think about it since I was trying to capture the whole scene in the pictures.

  3. Thanks!

    Anybody will acknowledge that your conversion deserves to be admired :)