Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WarpWolf Extreme - WIP

So I'm working on something a little fun and a little crazy! I've always been a fan of werewolves and my boyfriend sculpted one crazy one for privateer press a while back.
I let this figure intimidate me for long enough. I finished putting him together and i've added the first few layers of paint to him as of last night. It's actually kind of fun being able to work with larger brushes on something that isn't a tank.


  1. Plenty of lovely open space for you to wet-blend to your heart's content! I like the nice thin coats you have on it so far. Planning on hand painting any detailing on the fur, different colored patches or anything?

  2. honestly i have no idea what i'm doing with it so far.

    Um it's brown... that's all i got for ya.

  3. I have the same model and I am nervous as hell to put any paint on it. Yours is looking great so far!

  4. That nervousness is why I usually buy several copies of nicer models. I save the best cast, leaving it unpainted, and use the others to explore different colour combinations and atmospheric looks.

  5. Don't be Nervous BJ once you get some paint on it, it isn't so bad. :)

    7eAL that is what simple green is for. :) I figure if i screw it up or don't like my paint job i'll just dump it in a Vat of SG for a couple of days and start over.

    Hoppergrass of course you love it cause it's brown. :p

  6. I might throw a model into SG when I notice all sorts of annoying mistakes a year later.
    But so long as I'm pleased, I will look at my work and the unpainted cast side-by-side and think wistfully to myself; "This is where I started. And this is where I am."

  7. Naked wolf is sad wolf!

    Paint sad wolf so it can be happy!


  8. That is an awesome model ....... would be a cool hero of evil enemy