Thursday, July 28, 2011

WIP - Leona

A little work in progress pic to keep me on track. Of course the lighting i used sucked and the colors look off but you get the picture.
I've mostly been playing with her skin tones and trying to get them to look right. I've found that what i paint sometimes looks horrible in pictures compared to some of the master painters. So i'm trying to figure out what the difference is. I think i'm painting too subtle for the details to really show. Now i need to figure out how to make the shading and highlights pop with out her looking like a clown.


  1. It's tough to toe the line with highlighting. I'm constantly having to pull mine back from being too bright, although admittedly i'm better about it than I was. Less is more, I'm finding ( except when things need to be mire high contrast, then they are).

    That mini's fantastic; what line is it from?

  2. It's Kabuki Miniatures - Leona Lobo