Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wait.. What? $50 Seriously????

Ok ok so I was looking over my army the other day and had a great idea of repainting my female commissar or possibly getting a new one and painting her up in the same paint scheme. As I could totally rock it now verses 10 years ago.

I went onto ebay to see what she was going for only to find out people are charing $50 freaking dollars for her. I bought mine in my shop for like $8 -$9 back in the day..
*bangs head on desk*
I remember her being a blast to paint so i'm totally disappointed to see the price hike. Maybe I'll get a PP Sorscha and paint her instead.

And don't get me started on Bertha from Mordheim....


  1. How about the Vamp chick from Mordheim.
    A new hat a nd a little green stuff for pants/leggings and you've got a lacier version of the female commissar.

  2. If you're happy to use miniatures from other ranges, how about this lady apparently coming soon:

    With alternative weapon options:

  3. @ Andy at first glance I thought that figure might be too "suggestive" But after about 5 seconds I was ok with that and that one does look fun to paint. It wouldn't go in my army but be a display piece.

    @blackbeard I've seen that figure and she is kinda cool but I think I would rather paint this instead: I really hate giving GW any of my money.

  4. Yeah, she's a bit "borderline", but not quite Kabuki (thankfully).

    I can't think of any others that fit the Female Commissar look, certainly nothing like that stern female commissar in the later Gaunts Ghosts novels.

    The new Plastic Sorscha is a nice model and aside from a weapon swap, she wouldn't need too much converting - I don't know if you can get her on her own though, she came with my Khador box set.

  5. Since i never get to play anymore I probably wouldn't even convert her.

    I might be able to get my hands on her alone since my boyfriend sculpts for PP but that is a big maybe. I'm not totally hooked on her I may yet find something better to paint.

    I don't know why i'm thinking of new projects I have 2 open projects on my work bench and 2 more waiting right now.

  6. Why don't you just strip the one you have and make her freshly awesome? Simple Green is like $10 a gallon at Wal Mart.

  7. I thought about it, and I have a bunch of simple green already. but now I want to keep her just the way she is as a time marker of sorts and have a new one as well.

  8. I had a similar situation arise with my farseer recently. I used an old guardian in the conversion and recently wanted to make an unmounted version and it took months to find the old model.

    Best of luck in finding what you need!