Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tanks Ahoy!

So after getting Fed up with that darn PE I decided to start work on my first Exorcist Tank. It's modified from the traditional tank and a lot easier to work with as far as modeling and painting goes.
For the paint scheme I'm going with subtle shading and I'm also going to be adding a bunch of dings and such as well as dirty up the treads quite a bit.
So here is the first bit that i've worked on. When i told Jason i worked on my tank he walked over to it and was about to call "Shenanagins" on me until he picked it up and looked turned it around to a different angle.
So I'll label that as a success!

Oh and The Rocket Launcher is from Quantum Gothic
You can pick one up for £15.00


  1. Nice job so far. What is that missile rack bit from? It's fantastic!

  2. I see some black-lining and I think some grey on the bottom edge of the exhaust cowls? I was going to call shenanigans too. I look foward to seeing you dirty it up!

  3. i saw that vallejo has a light grey wash. it is suppose to be awesome for highlighting white.

  4. #2501 I updated my original post to have the rocket launcher info.

  5. I don't care; I call "shenanigans" anyhow. You can't fool me with your wily ways, woman!