Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Exorcist Follies

So my Boyfriend was awesome and got me a fancy Exorcist tank kit for Xmas. Of course when we opened it up and started playing around with the pieces we discovered that the main U shaped pewter piece was warped. Basically the right side was smaller than the left side and bubbled up.
He had to shave of the fluer de lis on the sides and hammer the frak out of it, and bend it back into shape with some pliers, along with shaving down the plastic piece that it sits on in order for it to fit. And of coure the round servitor's hidey hole didn't fit properly and again the plastic had to be shaved out in order for it to fit.
The topper is the actual pipes don't fit together properly either. they are pretty warped and look like they bow in along the edge.

I sent GW an email with what we did and the pics but of course i haven't heard back yet. I've been told to call them. although i'll probably wait till after the new year holiday to do so. I dont' really want a replacement or anything i just want them to get their ass in gear and fix the damn problem with the mold.


  1. I would call, I have had good luck in the past with them sending replacement parts. You have photographic proff they just took my word, so IMHO a phone call couldn't hurt.

  2. Never bother emailing. A phonecall does the trick no probs, they are good with that. The molds are probably old now and no codex out for a while - the next time SoB get re-vamped it will probably be all plastic (hopefully some time this century), so they won't revamp the metal molds.

  3. The Exorcists can really be a pain. By my 3rd one I was finally pretty comfortable with it but none of mine fitted together very well. For sure I would call GW. I had 2 slightly broken treads on some rhinos I bought and they responded by sending me 2 new complete kits for free which was pretty awesome.

  4. Thanks guys, I called GW this morning and they are sending me a new kit out today. :) It was way to easy to get help, i'm use to having to argue with customer service.

  5. I bought an exorcist and had the same problem with the U shape, I called GW and they sent me another which had the same problem. I called them again and said I had given up on the idea of using an exorcist in my army and would be using whirlwinds instead, so they sent me a free whirlwind.
    So I got a free exorcist and free whirlwind, going to use the metal armour plates from the exorcist kits but the thing itself I dont think.