Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crusader WIP

So this Crusader has been giving me a hell of a time. I've repainted his robes about 4 times and i'm finally happy with what i have. But his armor and other fabric folds on his legs and waist are eluding me. I found that his robes were a bitch to pain since it was just having a giant canvas to work on with out any depth. So i free hand painted a Fluer de lis on it. it's not perfect but it's fun.

So i took a pic of him and figured i would let him sit for a few weeks and i would come back to him.
I really want to dunk him in simple green and start over, but i think he just needs some serious clean up and it will be ok.


  1. Maybe it's because those aren't fabric folds on his legs? He's wearing a high tech version of a suit of plate armor so I think those are armor bands. Maybe with his legs painted in the armor color the model will pop? Or change the color of his tabard? Red or white maybe? If you are going to dunk him, just sell him to me, that way you can buy a new clean one and I can "ooh and ahh" over your paint job on this one. :)

  2. LOL you are funny!
    Oh so that is armor on his legs that should help a lot. I have a hard time telling what some things are on the models, my eye sight sucks. :( and a Red tabard might make him pop or be a bit much i can't tell at this point. maybe i should color him in photoshop to see how it would look.

    humm i'm gonna have to rethink him.

  3. OH and you should note i used a metallic paint on his chain thingy around his neck. lol

  4. Not sure why you would consider stripping him, since it's a solidly painted mini. However, too much black! Definitely paint his tabard and/or leg armor in a different color.

  5. The robe and sheild are great touches! Did you paint the flour-de-les?



  6. damn, your free hand painting is impressive!

  7. I think it's a wicked paint job, I'm even okay with the ammount of black :)

    If you did want to do anything i'd say the tabard or legs, but I really wouldnt.

    As a personal note i'm rarely keen on the lightening blade effects, but thats just a matter of personal taste rather than painting execution because you've done it well. I just prefer blended/layerd blades.

    don't you dare strip him. :)

  8. Thanks everyone so i will be redoing the tabard and the armor on the legs. :) He won't get the Dip yet!
    Karitas i was going to redo the sword as well or at least add some more blue washes to it and deepen the lightning effect on it. It wasn't turning out how i wanted it to. So hopefully it will pop more when i'm done.

    Mitch - Yes i painted that fluer de lis by hand on there.