Monday, June 29, 2009

Celestian Squad

I have quite a bit of catching up to do as far as posting pictures in this blog.
Since the last time i played was third edition it seems like a lot of things have changed in the game since then. I figured a squad of my sisters needed a change as well. This squad was given to me by one of my store customers already painted. I was never fold of the paint job i just never had the time to repaint them. So the other week they were soaked in simple green for a night and the paint got scrubbed off of them. Those fabulous white Immolator tanks in my last post have inspired the color scheme for this squad. White and Red.... What was i thinking? Basically It was like painting storm troopers (star wars) with red robes.
I painted them all assembly line style which is really the way to go when painting a squad although i think I left too much for step four and step five since they seemed to blend together.

Step One: Prime/Drill out the gun barrels
Step Two: Red Robes /Wash/ Highlights
Step Three: White Armor/Blue-Grey Wash/Black Wash in the cracks/ White
Step Four: Guns/Shoulder Pads/Pouches/Fiddly bits/Faces/Hair
Step Five: Clean up the white again adding black when needed.
Step Six: Paint all the Back Packs
Step Seven: Base

Brushes used:
Round 0, Round 3/0, Round 5/0, Round 12/0, Round 20/0

Paints Used:
Flat Red
Bronze Fleshtone
Skin Wash
Livery Green
Blue Green

Bleached Bone
Badab Black Wash

Now the Sob with the Melta is missing her back pack i guess i didn't have one for her as well as two other sister superiors i have that aren't included in this lot. I'll get a new back pack some day for them.


  1. You are far more brave than I. The white looks great, better in person than in these pictures I think. Was the wet pallet instrumental in your ability to do all the layers to get to a pure white?

  2. The wet pallet helped quite a bit, Keeping the paint thin but not too thin really helped, I think i did about 4-5 layers of white including the touch ups. Being able to control the paint was key i didn't want it as thin as a wash but i didn't want it to gunk up the mini.