Monday, July 20, 2009

Saint Celestine

Now here is a mini that i had a lot of fun painting and also cussed at quite a bit. After i took pictures of it i have noticed a few areas that i need to touch up but that will have to wait after Jason and I have moved to our new place. We have been packing and going through old boxes this past week and while i was having my go at the book shelf i found an old box full of sisters of battle along with an unfinished old fashion rhino tank that need a nice dip in simple green. I'm debating turning the rhino into some sort of terraine piece or if i should make another immolator out of it.
In the bunch of sisters were two more multi-melta Sobs, along with some flamers, 3 or 4 seraphim of course too many sister superiors. The awesome find was another old canoness which is an awesome mini and after reading a ton of army lists i've been wanting to add a serephim jump back pack to her.
I've decided i'm going to repaint all of my old seraphim and take all the crappy eldar wings i stuck on them off. I'm so over the whole 'winged' phase of modeling. I think with them i'm really going to work on some fun bases since they are all flying bases right now and i might want to change that.

Ok on to Celestine and the creepy Cherubim holding up her cape.

*edit 2/01/2012
Since I've noticed a ton of hits on this page I decided to retake pictures of her since these are pretty old.
None of the paint has been updated or changed.  Just a new lighting and background set up.


  1. The model looks great. I never got around to painting my Saint Celestine, but I did eventually make her into a statue for a ruined chapel terrain piece I did. I may just have to pick up another one and give it a go.

  2. A beautiful figure and your paint does her proud. It might just be the photos on my screen but the creepy cherubs' wings look more blue than white. The trail of flowers is an excellent touch, but really I'm in love with your reds. Really nice.

  3. The wings do look a little bit more blue than white, and it seems to draw out the light, light blue on the sword.

    All in all, I think it's a very well-done paint job; I'm more of a speed painter myself and salute talent when I see it.

    Then again, your stuff in general is pretty sweet, so it comes as no surprise.

  4. the 'writing' on the scrollwork/purity seals is amazing. that would have had me cussing. well, most things have me cussing...

    i agree with rabidchild, awesome red work.

  5. may i ask how many coat of red you had to do to get the cloak like that, as amaximus say that red is awesome.

  6. That is some fantastic work. The reds are bright and crisp and the armour is shaded and highlighted very well.

  7. BJ I think i saw a picture of yours celestine online somewhere it thought it was a great idea She does make a great statue.

    Thanks RC, yeah those wings are a little more blue than i wanted, i also wanted to try something new with white, i'm still on the fence on if i like it or not.

    Raptor you don't want to know how long i spend painting this figure. It took me more than it should of because i ended up repainting her face and sword/flowers a few times till i got them how i liked them.

    Amaximus the writing i did with a micron pen easy as pie. a little squiggle here a little squiggle there. no problem.

    stummer Honestly i lost count on the layers of paint on her cape, I would say at least 7. I did the first layer of red then did some black glaze inside the folds then a ton of super thin red layers then once those dried i put a layer of white down where i wanted the red to be the brightest. once the white was dry i put a few layers of red over the top of it. I believe i also used the GW Red Glaze over the top of it all when it was done it turns the red really Cherry and gives it a nice depth.

  8. Wow! Awesome work on the Saint. The Red and Gold really work great. I have never thought about starting a Sisters army, but I have a good friend who is just starting on his army. I will have to send him a link to this blog, great work.

  9. That is a beautiful paint job - you should be very happy with that.

    Can I ask how you managed your gold - I have a celestine squad as bodyguard to my Hereticus Lord and I wanted to do gold armour.

    Again, a beutiful model.



  10. Have to pitch in to agree with many others - nice, deep, red tones. They really look sharp. I've liked this model a lot from the first time I saw it and you've done a great job with her!

    I like the blue cherub wings as well. They pop off the cape nicely (I've seen other painted models where they get lost in it)

  11. Rogue Pom Here is how i did the armor:

    The armor is Vallejo paints:
    Bronze Fleshtone
    Skin Ink/Wash

    So a base of Bronze Fleshtone then washed with the skin ink and let dry.
    mix skin ink with the Bronze Fleshtone to make a color similar to what is just outlining the cracks paint a think layer on then mix in more Fleshtone paint another thin layer on and so on covering less and less of the model as you go. once you reach the base color of the Bronze fleshtone start adding ivory to it to highlight. I didn't highlight all the way up to ivory but you could if you want.
    I also think i might have put some black wash into the deep creases to help separate the armor from the other details.
    It's pretty time consuming so you might want to test it out on a non important miniature first.

    Again thanks everyone!

  12. I happened to see your blog on a roll somewhere and decided to check it out, having recently decided to delve into the Inquisition as my next army project.

    After taking one look at your Celestine, your blog gained a new follower. :) Exquisite work, you should definitely be proud of what you've done with her.

    Ah, but considering I only have a few (as in a total of 3, I think) =I= models, the story of you re-finding so many SoB models just made my wallet break down and cry. :) Congrats on that one, it's even better than putting on a jacket and finding $20 in the pocket that you'd forgotten since last winter!

  13. incredible work. consider me a follower

  14. Thanks Crusher Joe :) It will make your wallet hurt more to realize i bought most of my army at 40% off when i was a manager at a game shop and because i was a girl who played all my male gamers were more than willing to force their un/half painted sisters minis into my army for free. I seriously wouldn't still be in this hobby if i didn't already have a fully painted army and still more to paint. The love of painting and spending time with my boyfriend while doing it keeps me going.

    Keep an eye on Ebay there can be some good deals to be had just don't get into the bidding wars some like to get caught up in and pay to much for your stuff. I find that people pay more than retail for crapily painted stuff they are going to have to strip and repaint.

    Thanks KSB nice to have you here!