Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Not 40k but it's made of awesome

So i know this isn't 40k related but it related to my Significant other who sculpts miniatures for a living. Privateer Press just released one of his awesome sculpts and of course i want to see everything he does succeed i'm going to post it here for your enjoyment. The Extreme Juggernaut it fully poseable down to the fingers and is made of pure awesome. Sculpted by the amazing Jason Hendricks by hand with a lot of love, elbow grease and quite a bit of blood. It's an amazing figure even if you don't play Warmachine.

You can Get your own Here Or you can view more pictures Here
He also sculpted the Extreme Dire Troll Mauler and Extreme Warpwolf

Ok my pimp work is done here. ;)


  1. Daamn girl, you make pimpin' look easy. Your man makes sculpting look easy too.. that is a drool worthy jack.

  2. pure awesome. :)

    Yey Jason :D

  3. RC i think he sanded the skin off his fingers while making that jack. Since i saw most of being made i don't know if i would say it looked easy. Now all the other stuff that is more organic That is what he makes look easy. I tried sculpting a bunny once.. yeah not so good. I mean i'm ok but i'm not awesome like him.