Thursday, July 2, 2009


Now we move on to the Inquisition, so far i have two models painted up for my either HQ or Elite choice. I'm not real fond of the male inquisitor models so i might just use this one as a proxy for a Lord. Although Mr. Crazy Inquisitor lord Karamozov in his throne is looking tempting. I can't justify spending $50 on a model though. Maybe if i stumble on a cheap one on ebay or something.

Anyways here is my Inquisitor She was my first attempt at painting red robes i discovered it's actually pretty easy to get the look i want but it just takes time.
I was quit annoyed with painting the face on this model, i swear they didn't sculpt her any eyes so i painted some on her. I was pulling my hair out on this one. Then i painted the Hospitaler who looks like she has been punched in the eyes, well at least i gave them both eyebrows.

Anyways i'm currently working on the rest of the retinue right now. I have an acolyte almost done and the crusader almost done. I will then work on a few preachers and servo skulls that I plan on customizing a bit. I can't stand those huge stands they have them on. I'm gonna clip them off of them and put them on some wire or clear tubing depending on how strong it is. Maybe get some purity seals added or something like that. After this post i need to take more pictures of what i have painted including my old army to help fill out this journal untill i finish painting new models.

Here is the Hospitaler and i feel i was a bit heavy handed with shading and highlighting the robes. I'm going to try to even it out in the future. As you can see i tried to match the armor i did for the inquisitor since i had such a blast painting it.


  1. Nice work, the armour on both the models looks great.

  2. The armor is fantastic, but what heresy is this? Eyebrows? There are no eyebrows in 40k! Just look at every closeup of a screaming bald man GW puts in White Dwarf. :)

    I think one or two layers of blending on the Hospitaler's robes and she'll fit right in.