Monday, July 6, 2009

Repentia Mistress Conversion (WIP)

So since i'm a cheapskate and i'm saving up money for a move next month I'm not spending money on anything extra. I had a few extra sister superiors laying around with no use for them since i don't have enough troops for more squads i decided to convert a superior into a Repentia Mistress.
My boyfriend was kind enough to run with it and Chopped off the sword and the gun and then rolled out some green stuff on floral wire and made up a couple of whips.
1 Mix up your green stuff
2 cut a piece of floral wire longer than what you need for your whips
3 cover your floral wire except for the base leave at least an inch sticking out so you can move your whip around when it's wet.
4 roll your whip between two smooth surfaces so you don't get your grubby finger prints on it (we used 2 pieces of Chip board (super thick) covered in packaging tape) make sure to taper the tip of the whip.
5 Now only handle the exposed wire and move your whips aside or under a heat lamp and let them dry
6 Once dry you can bend your whips into the shape you want, be careful not to break them.

He also made some hand guards out of an =I= icon we had laying around.

So yeah she isn't too pretty right now, i had started to paint her up before the conversion started but I think she is ready to go again. I'm not sure when i'll get to paint her but i'll post her when she is done.


  1. nice! even though she is whipping my face!

  2. When an Amaximus comes along you must whip it!

  3. Looks cool, I'll definitely steal this technique for a future Slaanesh Daemon Prince project :)

  4. I just saw some floral wire yesterday when shopping for crafty materials for my wedding. I thought, "This would be great for wires and cables!" I never thought to use it under greenstuff. She looks great, she's the perfect Sister Superior to use for it.

  5. Interesting use of Green Stuff, thanks for the tutorial.