Friday, July 17, 2009

Chainsaw WIP *Rizzzzzzziziziz*

I'm pretty much done painting one of the two priests i have, since my boyfriend got them for me on ebay with a bunch of other figs they happen to be the same one. I'm amazed at how fast painting them is. I don't know if it's just cause they are fun to paint or if they have less details than the sisters i'm use to painting.

i have plans for my next one, I plan on sculpting crazy eyebrows on him because after painting this i decided he neeeeeds eyebrows. I also think i'm going to draw some tattoos on his head as well, it's a perfect canvas. I also tried to show off the dent in the back of his head with out overdoing it. Also on my next one i want to try doing blood on the chainsaw, jason at one point found a tutorial for stringy blood and we just need to find the right glue to do it with. I would really like to have some strings and chunks of bloodly flesh on the chainsaw and his robes/face/beard. but i have to make sure not to overdo it.

Also right now i'm packing up my apartment as we are moving on the 6th so i won't be doing a lot of painting :( unless i start going crazy from packing boxes. I have a sage i still need to take a picture of and celestine to post.


  1. I never noticed the dent in the back of his head before! Nice one! The hazard stripes on the front of the saw are perfect, the ones on the back side look a little wobbly. You did a great job on his face, really brings out the character of the sculpt. Maybe make the other guy more dirty? This one just looks so clean.

  2. Yeah i need to fix up those stripes in the back that are wobbly i noticed them when i painted them i was pissed.
    Agreed the next one is going to be much dirtier.

  3. Looks great, the face makes him look suitable angry as he smites the foes of the Emporer.

  4. I love this mini, think he'll do well in a Radical Inquisitor's retinue for my Relictors. Good bearded action. Love your work.