Saturday, July 11, 2009

Flame On!

Ok here are some more oldies! I finally finished editing the last batch of pictures i took of my army. I'm also thinking about taking a full army photo before i begin my expansion.

I think these are some of my first experience painting white robes.. and wow are they bad! I think painting all my squad with silver metallic paint back then really turned me off to using metallics now. I like metallics but i need to find a way to make them look awesome and not so fake. Although i'm very fond of the heavy flamer paint scheme.
Veiled Squad 1999
And of course you can see that all of my sisters are punk rock with their hair colors.
Now because i wanted them to be girly i gave them real veils. Hot plasma really mixes with nylon quite well. Yes this is the figure that usually holds the sword, I've always hated that sword. So now her pose is quite gangster and she is going to pop a plasma cap in your ass.

This one always cracks me up, a heavy flamer with a veil, seriously funny when you think about it. I'm going spray hot liquid fire all over my foes while i wear a highly flammable garment over my face.
And yes i was crazy enough to take teeny tiny pieces of netting and glue them onto their heads, I would have done the whole squad if i had the time back then. But i have the time now! lol


  1. I see what you mean about the paint on the heavy flamer, it has a lot of variation and visual interest.

    Veils eh? A throwback to the age of apostasy's Brides of the Emperor? I always wanted to paint wedding rings on my old sisters army but never finished it.

  2. You know I have some neat veiling ;)