Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Next is my Canoness, since i am revamping my old army i needed a new canoness and i actually like the model for it. She was actually a lot of fun to paint and i'm pretty happy with how she came out.
I got to experiment with Non-metal Metallics which i'm not sure worked or not but I'm happy i didn't have to paint with metallic paint. After looking over my old models i've been trying to avoid the use or over use of metallic paint. Although i think i'm going to experiement with shading and highlighting metallics and see if i can reach Zen with them again.
Back to the Canoness, it turns out i painted the flames backwards and they should be white at the base and black at the top. Ooops, next time i'll fix that. (I also did it on my inqusitor so don't be surprised when you see it again)
But i did get to play with the flame coloring on her hair and cloak. Hell i don't even know what that technique is called in the painting world. Realisim?
I found her armor to be over crowed with junk everything was squeezed into such a tight area it was quite hard to see what was going on.
I would list all the paints used on this one but i honestly can't remember all of them since there was a lot.
Also this was my first attempt at painting white robes and they didn't quite turn out how i expected i found the white to be quite difficult to blend and i ended up blending my colors right on the miniature to get the effect i wanted.


  1. Yes, those fires and the lighting around them really stand out. The technique is called source-lighting and you've done an excellent job. I also like the black lining on her face and the minimal lipstick, it works well and since she doesn't have the giant cheekbones of the older sculpts, makes her look more human.

  2. Thanks RC, i figure out the name Source-lighting like a few minutes after i posted this the other day. *shakes fist*

    Yeah i went a bit heavy on her black line to separate the details i almost wonder if i went too heavy. But yeah she has a much softer face then the old Cheekbones of Steel SoBs.