Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My first conversion 1999ish

Way back in the day when i was managing that game store Mordheim was released for the first time. So of course i had to learn how to play it and paint up a warband.
Bertha was my favorite figure and it looked like she would fit right in to my Sob Army.
At the time my Ex played Orks and i was quite adept and kicking his Orky butt on the battle field so like the horrible gf i was i rummaged through his bits box and made a nice base for Bertha to stand on. I also gave her two standard poles with ork heads mounted on the top. I had always meant to give her two crazy banners flowing off those poles but it just never seemed to happen.

My paint job on the orks is quite bad, i'm almost ashamed of it when i look at it. I really just slopped the whole thing together.
Now Bertha i really enjoyed painting. (If anyone has a Bertha figure they want to sell/trade please let me know) I would love another one.
So yeah i chopped off her hammer and gave her a plasma pistol and then on her other arm i gave her a power fist. Seriously i didn't care about if she was playable at the time i just wanted to have a huge figure for the game board to taunt my Ex with.. It worked.. I don't think he ever won a game against me. Hell I don't think he wanted to play me again. LOL I'm sure he was pissed I looted his orks for my conversion. But since I was the store manager and got 30% off GW products and gave him my discount he could suck it.

Oh and I found my original sisters warband I think they are going to take a dip in simple green for a night and get repainted. The figures are so fun i don't think i could pass up painting them agan.


  1. Would you want to re-paint it at all? Or create a new one instead?

  2. I laughed, I cried. Your blog get's my vote for best action comedy blog of the year. :)

  3. i wouldn't repaint it i would probably make something different out of a new bertha figure.

    LOL @ RC

  4. I really like the conversion! Who says power fists have a low initiative because she has obviously been busy!