Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sneak peek of large project

So here is the start of a very large project that will take many moons to complete.   Since i'm finally on my winter vacation (all 7 days of it)  I'm going to start painting one of the figures. I'm not sure which one yet. It may be the dog. ;) 
Missing from the picture is the wall and door between the step and bar. Table, Chairs, Drunk robot and probably a bunch of odds and ends.   This piece is going to be my tribute to Post Apocalyptic movies and there will be a lot of little do-dads from those movies in it.  Got an idea for something you think I should add well now is your chance! Post it in the comments and I may just use it! ;)


  1. I see that you are a party for a very large project I'll follow it with interest ;)
    Greetings happy holidays

  2. Looks promising! Can't wait for more... Thanx for sharing