Thursday, February 14, 2013

Other projects I've been working on

I know it's been a while since I've updated and I haven't been working on my except my business. This is my busy time and I've been busting my ass to pay the bills and such. 
I've been working on smaller projects since last year and they aren't miniatures but dolls and action figures. I've basically been repainting their faces.  Sounds easy but it's not. There is a whole science to it I never thought existed.  Mainly I've been repainting 1/6 scale dolls but just started in on some 1/18 Gi Joe figures. Lady Jaye here took about 20 minutes to complete and the larger dolls take about 2-3 hours.
I swear i've been working on a miniatures as well but i'm usually dead at the end of the day.  These pictures show about 3 months worth of projects.

Lady Jaye Repaint 1/18 scale

Vampire Creeper 1/6 scale

Monster High Draculaura Repaint 1/6 scale

Monster High Punk Gargoyle with Porcupine Quill Mohawk 1/6 Scale

Punk Dragon Girl 1/6 scale


  1. I have been following this blog only for a short time, but I got to say, the level of quality and detail of this work is really awesome.

    Love the art of what you are doing.