Thursday, December 6, 2012

KD - Lion Knight 2 - WIP update

Here is a little update on my Lion Knight.  I've also been working on his women which is why there doesn't seem to be very much done to him since last time.  No picture of them yet as they have a long way to go. Skin tones seem to take forever to paint. I've also put a coat of paint on his base as well (not pictured) So I totally have a plan now! :D
I also still have a long way to go with this guy, I need to add a dark orange glaze to his darker hair and clean up the gold trim on his cape and i'm sure a bunch of other fiddly stuff.  I'm saving his claws for last since they seem to get a lot of contact from my hand when I'm painting and i don't want my hard work to rub off.