Thursday, December 15, 2011

X'Stacy - WIP?

Here is X'Stacy from CMON. I actually picked her up at my local game shop. I had passed her over a few times and she kept taunting me with her silly name every time I went in there. So I snagged her up about a week and a half ago.   I thought I had finished up this one until I started looking at the pictures on my computer. I didn't follow my normal routine of taking wip pictures to see all the flaws on screen that I can't see with my bad vision, and now I have to go back and fix a bunch of stuff.  There is a bunch of blending I need to do and I need to sharpen up and clean up other parts.  So for now here is a few WIP pictures of what I thought was going to be a finished picture.   I was experimenting with some new unconventional colors for flesh tones and they have been kinda a pain to work with but so for I really like them.
I also ended up getting some pigment on the grass so I need to go in and trim that out. I went with a simple base design as I didn't want to overwhelm the figure especially after working on my last figures (picnic piece).
So tonight it's back at it and hopefully i'll have updated shots tomorrow.


  1. I like what you've done so far. Especially the base, excellent work there!

  2. THis is great stuff love the base...HEY WAIT A MINUTE.. you told me there would be a bad ass sexy Russian Chick? =P

  3. I got the same mini, haven't painted her yet because I wanted to give her a top (instead of bear chest) as I want to keep my mini sexy but not exposed.

    I like the face a lot, being a guy it's hard to do make up for minis..

    I like the stuff around her legs too, it's one of the attraction of this mini.

    I have an issue with her fingers, that's also one thing that stopped me from painting her...

    anyway, awesome wip, love it.

  4. @Drkmorals LOL this is an 'in between' projects miniature. the bad ass sexy Russian Chick is in the works I'm waiting for Jason to finish the War Jack before I start on her. It's going to be a huge project and I want them to look like they belong together since she is going to be riding on his back.

    @Vegel for a girl it's still hard to do make up on a miniatures face. The way we do it in real life is a bit different for a mini. It doesn't always work. Sometimes it does but blush seems to be a tough one for me. I always put blush on the apples of my cheeks because I have high cheekbones , But most paint jobs i've seen blush has been used to contour the cheekbone and i haven't quite mastered that.
    Her Ugg Boots are really weird and cool. Her fingers on her right hand do suck quite a bit and i'm not great at painting hands.