Sunday, December 18, 2011

X'Stacy - Finished

Yay! I was finally able to grab a few hours and fix all the issues I found from before.  I blended her skin tones a bit more to my liking, I detailed a bunch of little bits and I also trimmed off those pigment covered grass strands.
This time around I used a background color that worked a lot better with the mood of the figure. I'm much happier with it now.

Also you might enjoy a quick snap shot of my light box set up for taking pictures of minis. 


  1. Wow your light box is awesome and complicated looking lol.

  2. I was just about to spout off that it's not that complicated.. then I looked again. LOL
    It's a 15" x 18" light box/tent, 2 full spectrum bulbs in those fancy light casings(they came with the lightbox set up) and 1 desk lamp on the top.
    A sheet of scrapbooking paper from the craft store as a back drop, I have a few different colors for different themed minis. I hate the look of a photoshopped background so these are my protest. lol... And of course the little back product tray that came with the light box.

  3. Great paint job, and must agree with Drkmorals, the light box is great, and produces fantastic results!

  4. Hi,
    your photos look stunning, aswell as you painting!
    Can I ask you, what type of camera do you use, and what are the settings for it?
    Also, what is the distance you take your photos?

    Any tips? Im strugling with doing my paint jobs justice with my camera... :(

    1. I use a Nikon D40 and use the macro (flower) setting on the camera. I do not have a Macro lens as they are $$$ and I can't afford one yet.

      I take the picture with the camera lens just inside the light tent. just close enough so there is enough light that it doesn't use the camera flash.

      I've also found if you use a black velvet fabric back ground you can get an almost all black back ground.

      I also take multiple pictures and choose the best ones.