Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flower Knight - WIP

A little preview of what i'm working on right now. Kingdom Death's Flower Knight.  I've just started laying down colors and have done a little blending but there will be much more to come.
I really plan to experiment with color blending which means a lot of time and many thin layers of paint. It should be a lot of fun.
Oh and of course my boyfriend's response to when I asked how he looked was "Garish" ... which equals "PERFECT!" in my book. 

Also since I noticed a bunch of web searches coming to my blog looking for parts break down on the Flower Knight here it is!
Along with the Female Survivor:

 And the Butcher:


  1. A tremendously detailed figurine, a stimulating challenge for a painter such as you!
    Evocative of Landsknechte who indeed were sometimes as... colorful and gaudy as 'rainbow warriors' (or parrots masquerading as peacocks). If in addition you suppose the Knight dressed in moiré silks... color blending is the way.

    Then I confess that as a miniature I prefer the Survivor Female, in part for her dynamic pose too rare (imho) in the KD range. And even if I find one or two pieces of cloth... to be in excess :)

    Merry XMas!

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