Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Archangel Stallone (Kingdom Death Chosen)

Here is my newest! I bought him originally because I thought he looked like Stallone which he doesn't really but I'll keep pretending.
I tried something new on this guy for his wings I actually used gold leaf instead of paint.  Now I can't say that it was worth it but it was a fun experiment. I still had to paint it because it was so flat and bright compared to the rest of the miniature. I will say that gold leaf is a pain in the butt because no matter how well you think you put the glue down for it , it will do what ever the hell it wants. I ended up with a couple of oooops moments but just rolled with them in the end.  Anyways I hope you enjoy him!


  1. Amazing work , and great paint ! Congratulation
    Vincent .

  2. Very beautiful !!!

    I really love the violet smoke and it's pleasant to see a dark haired angel instead a blond one !!




    1. Thank you!
      I painted his hair in the same colors as the wings because it only made sense that they would be the same, since your body hair is all the same color. It would be odd to have a blonde angel with black wings.

    2. Hum, I don't entirely agree : I'm quite white haired since I was a child... but I never had white body hair XD

      But I understand what you mean ^^

  3. Lol .. Stallone ... wait, now that you mentioned it, he does look like him. Truly! =) Although I can't possibly or want to imagine the actor in the above costume. Lol

    By the way, wonderful work with the miniature. ^_^

    1. Haha! Now you want your own Stallone angel don't you?

      And thanks so much! :)

  4. I see Michael Landon... Or a Stallone/Landon hybrid (with wings).