Sunday, April 6, 2014

Zombie Wedding Cake Topper

It's been forever since I've posted. I've had horrible artist's block and lots of stress from work.
But I did get a request from a long time friend to paint his wedding cake topper.   This seemed like the perfect task to get me back on track and fun to boot!

My boyfriend Jason was kind enough to sculpt a new head for the cake topper to give it a real zombie feel, and made the glasses for the bride. 

Here is a picture of the topper on the wedding cake in front of a painting?/photo? of a mac & cheese casserole? or a bucket of popcorn? chicken nuggets? I'm not sure really, but anyways I stole the cake photo from Darren I hope he doesn't mind.


  1. MOUAHAHAHAHAHA !!! Totally awesome !! XD

    It's very "fashion" indeed, a really "must-have" for the next zombie "fashion-week" !! Anyway, where's the cell-number of Vogue ? I 'll call Karl Lagerfeld too XD

    Very good Job !! Go to my G+ immediately ^^


  2. This is truly fantastic work! ^_^ Just curious as to what the bride's glasses are made of ... are they part of the sculpture or an add-on?

    1. Sorry for the late reply, The glasses are a piece of plastic from a mini blister mounted on a small piece of copper wire. There are little holes in the side of her head the wire slips into so they don't fall off. I just painted the plastic so they look like glasses. they were also the last thing I put on (after sealing so they didn't get foggy)

  3. Wow. Amazing creation.
    I've shared the pic's (I've credited your blog on the post) on my google+ page, is this okay?
    I'll remove them if you ask me to.

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  5. Is there any chance you could make another cake topper similar to this?

  6. I need this for my wedding next year. Can u make 1 for me and how much pls? Jules

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  8. I need this for my wedding next year. Can u make 1 for me and how much pls? Jules

  9. Please can you make this for me for my wedding next year. It would be a suprise for my partner. We are both into Zombies and the walking dead so this is perfect for us. How much pretty please?

  10. That's brilliant!
    And welcome back!

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