Thursday, April 18, 2013

Steampunk Princess Bust Review

So I finally picked up the Steampunk Princess Bust from CMON

I love this sculpt it is amazing!! It is by La Fábrica Roja .
And I remember when I first saw it on facebook I knew I needed to paint it.  I had to wait a while after it came out due to funds but now she is all mine. 
This post is a cry for Valiant casting to slow down and rethink the way they cast up their stuff.   I guess I just think their style of casting is downright sloppy.  I don't encounter any of these problems from any other company who casts in resin ie: SMOG, KD, AMMON, etc..
This is probably the least amount of problems I've had with one of Valiant's resin casts.  It's a beautiful model and I'm going to pain the hell out of it.  So just watch out for the little issues I've pointed out and you should be fine.

So this is where I noticed the huge gap in her neck.  I understand wanting it to be one piece to cut down on mold costs but come on guys at least fill in your gaps and smooth out your glue overflow.

Here she is after I filed the glue blob off her neck and smoothed it out and filled in the gap with green stuff.

Actually this was pretty much all the air bubbles there were which is awesome. But the buckle and strap suffered on her pouch due to an air feed being right on top of it.  So all that detail is gone.  If it was just moved over a tiny bit it could have been avoided.  And of course it suffered from a glob of glue detail which did most of the damage.
Also there was a huge feed in the curve of her shoulder which I had to carve out

First view of her right out of the box. she looks amazing.

Typical Sprue from Valient/CMON I hate them. Those glue blobs and thick balsa wood feeds are horrid. quite often the sculpt gets ruined because they are glued to a curve.  Luckily I have a boyfriend who is a professional sculptor that can re-sculpt any detail that gets destroyed.

Here is an example of how a sculpt get ruined from a huge feed on a small piece.

And again, mostly my fault though If i had been more careful I could have avoided this.  But a less experienced artist might not have the ability to fix it.

A little fill work  which isn't bad at all. It just needs some sanding to make sure it's smooth.

The shoulder did not want to fit and barely touches. Normally I would have painted it separately but due to the huge gap I had to attach and I will have to fill it with green stuff .  Luckily her sleeve covers up the area where the feed ruined the detail on the pouch.


  1. Nice post! I am always on the lookout for new miniatures to try my painting skills on. I mostly paint Games Workshop stuff but recently discovered the beautiful miniatures at Kingdom Death. Do check out my blog at if you can. I am definitely adding your blog to my list of blogs to follow. Your painting of the KD miniature in your banner above looks awesome by the way. I am looking to learn how to do a good job of painting flesh and will be trying it out on some KD miniatures in the future.

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. :)
      KD miniatures are awesome. the best advice I can give is to take your time. Unlink GW miniatures you don't have to rush through them to play the game (yet)
      I have a lot more KD miniatures in my blog than just the one in the banner. If you want to see other painted examples.

      I REALLY learned how to paint flesh from Miniature Mentor painting tutorials. I bought a subscription and watch them all when they come out. It's totally worth it. (which reminds me I need to download and watch the newest today)

    2. Thanks so much! =) I need all the help I can get. I am working on my first KD miniature - the White Speaker pinup - but am still working up the courage to paint the final layers of the flesh.