Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bombshell Babes Kickstarter rewards received

Hi All! 
I've finally gotten my Bombshell babes kickstarter rewards.  Here are some pics for anyone interested. 
After seeing the process pics and the final product I decided that I'm just not into them. I love the concept but not the sculpts. I will be selling them off but I'm giving my forum buddies on WAMP the first go at them.  After that the rest will be on ebay. 
*EDIT  if you are interested I'm seeling the girls for $7 each and the sidekicks/weapons/bases $6 for each group.  plus shipping .  please email me at sistersofbattle @ gmail and i'm more than happy to give you a shipping quote based off your address and what you would like.  A few have sold already.


Pussy Patrol : SOLD

Maelee : SOLD

Victoriana : SOLD

Sci-fi Sidekicks : SOLD


  1. Mine came in a couple days ago, as well!
    Started cleaning them up as best I could, I hate that when cleaning mold lines I inadvertently grind away details :(

    I also noticed there was a piece of the mold wedged between Maelee's backside and the hand holding her wrench!

  2. Yeah, I really like those girls, especially Maelee and Bug Spray.
    Looking forward seeing them painted.

    1. I've already sold Maelee and I plan on selling the rest as well. I liked bug spray until I looked at her face. :( awful.

      I'm sure you will see a ton of them painted soon as everyone is getting their rewards in the mail.

      I however will not be painting them.