Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ky-ra' Finished

Ky-ra' from Kabuki Models 54mm
After the crazy brightness of my last piece I deiced to go with something a little darker, & quicker to paint as I didn't want to do an over blown base again.  I also didn't want to overwork/overthink the paints so she isn't perfect but i'm happy with her. 
Although I'm not too happy with how shiny the sealant turned out especially on the base since it should not be shiny at all. :\  Hopefully it will tone it self down over night. 
She was a ton of fun to paint, I enjoyed trying a new skin tone and painting a muscle woman. I even pulled out a few body building magazines for reference.  The main reason I wanted her to be so tan is because I always see these fantasy warriors with pale skin.  I'm sorry but if you were out in the sun all day in a scale mail bikini you would have a tan at the very least.  I used a variety orange brown colors on her skin as well as some purple, red. 
The bronze on her armor and helm also have extra greens, golds and brown added for depth.  You can also really see the blue in the silver in these pictures. It's not as bright in person. 


  1. Love it. I passed up a chance at grabbing that fig myself, kind of kicking myself about that. But I am looking forward to working on the Azumi from Studio McVey and Lyn, Winged Succubus from CMON.

    I'd love to know how you get such good transitions on the skin of your figs. That can be a pain at times.

  2. @Elbrun the secret to blending the skin tones is lots of thin layers of paint and lots practice. It's taken me a while to get it worked out even with an awesome tutorial from Miniature Mentor (Gnome Tutorial is all about skin tones).

    Cool mini still has some in stock if you want to unkick yourself.