Thursday, November 3, 2011

Suicide Queen and Rollo

New mini is finished! Suicide Queen and Rollo by Soda Pop miniatures.
Now I don't know what I was thinking going from 54mm to a tiny 30mm  I know Soda Pop Minis are smaller than average and I should have known better.  Looking at my photos i'm mad about all the stuff I messed up and the paint that chipped when I put her on the base.  I also had major problems at the end taking Rollo off his peg and smashing 2 out of 4 feet with complete removal of one of them. So I had to sculpt some new ones and hope for the best.   Maybe I should rename him Stumpy.
Overall i'm pretty happy with her as she looks great in person. I'm also looking forward to the rules for Relic Knights to come out, as it stands I should have enough painted minis to play already.

I've just added her over at CMON and she needs a little love.  I always find the ratings on cmon interesting especially when I compare it to other ratings.  I find it very interesting that my Soda Pop minis get lower ratings than my other minis with one exception.  It makes me examine what a high rated mini looks like and what mine is missing from that example.


  1. I'm loving how those figs look, and the great basing for them. You have talent :D

  2. Thanks!
    The large base is actually a resin cast of a Gundam Deep Striker bit. I just added some tubes to it. the little one is some other gribbly bit resin piece.

  3. Wonderful color choice. What color green did you use to get that highlight?

  4. Amazing work as always I really like the colors and the base. You continue to inspire the rest of us to practice lmao.