Monday, November 21, 2011

Perfect Spot for a Picnic

Ok she is finally finished!  This is quite a large diorama so it was pretty difficult to take pictures of. My little Nikon D40 doesn't have a macro lens yet so it didn't know what to focus on.  
Here is a list of what was used:
Steampunk Dorothy, Steampunk Jen Hailey, Malifaux Mobil Toolkit & Brass Arachnid, Kings of War Zombies, & Lovecraft Tombstones from Ebay. 

I originally envisioned this piece a little more comical but it actually turned out pretty dark. My original idea was to have the copper bot waving the blanket behind him as he ran over to the spot to lay it down but the blanket was really too large and would block off a large portion of the scene when viewed from certain angles.  So I tried a few different options one being the blanket still half rolled up and spilling onto the grass. That didn't work for me either as I made it too thick and it just looked out of place.  But luckily I was happy with my third try.  I made it a little smaller and a thinner. 
The gravestones were painted like any other stone with some green washes and a little standard green grass flock to represent moss. The dirt is a dark earth pigment mixed with sand, plaster, and water effects and let set over night.
Hopefully the little story i'm trying to tell with this is showing because it would suck if it wasn't.  I know I have my own story in my head but I will let you fill in the blanks.
Here is the link to CMON I could use some voting love over there.


  1. That's awesome! Very evocative and extremely well painted and modeled. What did you use for the upturned dirt? Looks perfect!

  2. Nevermind. That's what I get for posting before reading the entire thing :P

  3. Off-topic, but I remember a sentence in your 'Red Riding Hood' post: a 'flashnew' (a 'green', actually) on 'Pousse-Plomb' publishing (almost) daily news figurines, including from very obscure / unknown manufacturers; French & English captions.