Monday, November 7, 2011

Steampunk Dorothy - WIP

Here is a little taste of the first figure in a 4+ figure diorama that i'm currently working on which will include Steampunk girls, robots and zombies.....
Normally I would say you could get your own here -->Steampunk Dorothy  But they are sold out at this moment.
I have a bit more touch ups to do but she is pretty much finished.    Sorry I didn't get more angles but the photos came out blurry and I think my eyes were blurry from all the tiny touch ups I had already done.
Now it's onto the next Steampunk Girl....


  1. Great looking miniature, is that metal showing through her knee? Very cool concept, hadn't seen that miniature before, I'll have to take a look at that fig line now. Love the color choices, they work together very well.

  2. Bonjour DotE,
    so promising start for "a 4+ figure diorama that i'm currently working on which will include Steampunk girls, robots and zombies." (WOW! in advance);

    As a matter of 30mm figurines, those of the new game Carnevale look quite good; and to paint Venetian carnival costume, or 18th C. dress with a lot of embroideries could be a real challenge :)

    As I remember you appreciate Lovecraft's writings?
    "18th C. Venetian horror with Lovecract beasties!After a magical cataclysm that has changed Europe and the world as we know it, the city of Venice is under the effects of the Rent in the Sky. For the first time in history, magic is walking freely on its streets, ancient monsters have awakened from their submarine slumber and found their way towards the canals of this city, a decadent nobility has discovered new ways of depravity in senseless violence, and the citizens of Venice do the best they can to survive under the protection of the Guild of thieves."

    Best regards,
    Salut et Fraternite,

  3. Thanks everyone! @Elbrun, nope it's not metal but her stockings do have a hole in them.

    @abdul666 I actually saw those minis on the WAMP forum the other day. There are a few I will probably paint up once i get inspiration for them. I'm also keeping the monsters in mind for other projects.

    This current project will also include a bit of lovecraft, not much but enough that only the fans will recognize it when they see it.