Wednesday, May 5, 2010

BOLS smack down / Nerd Rage

Is it bad that I really really really enjoyed reading the bickering and smack down on the last BOLS Poll about the inquisition?
Seriously just because you are female in a primarily male hobby doesn't give you the right to be a total jerk to everyone who doesn't agree with your opinion. It's off putting and makes people avoid you and the forums that you post on.
I'm sure there is the same problem with certain people that are not female and it's just a 'human issue also known as Nerd Rage' but when there are such a small amount of female players in this game one bad apple makes the rest of us just look bad.


  1. I don't think that it makes all female gamers look bad.

    Just the SoB players. ;-)

  2. And this is why female gamers should only be permitted to speak 23-25 of the 30 days of the month.... heh heh heh......

  3. gosh, i was right there with you laughing at that hell of a comment war. there was enough nerd rage in those comments to construct a life size Hulk complete with smash action. and the best part about it that aside from the first political tangent in the comment the rest of the fighting was about rumors. i just don't get how people can get so heated about a thing that has no concrete evidence for either side.
    And I don't think it makes girl gamers look bad... just her.

  4. Dunno I think it's rather appropriate for an Adepta Sororitas fan to be involved in flame wars.

    Also, I figure that women being full of nerd rage is an important step forward in gender equality :)

  5. lol I should have seen that pun coming!
    and amusing but good point =)

  6. What I can't believe is that for such a rabid SoB player she didn't read the fluff or know the way the Ordos and their Orders Militant were structured (or didn't care).

    Man, that is one angry girl, though. She'd make a good Battle Sister (if she can fit into the outfit...)

  7. Inquisitor M I think we all should have seen that pun coming. I knew hoppergrass's comment was on it's way as I would have made it myself.

    So I wonder if that life size nerd rage Hulk has the soft foamy hulk hands that say 'Hulk Smash' when it punches things. Cause I can only see a nerd fight going in that direction.

    2501 I honestly don't think she cares, she just wants what she wants and is going to take it out on everyone else until it happens. In other words 'spoiled brat'.

    And the big question really is "IF"...

  8. Do you think she was just twisting their tails?

  9. I assume this "she" to whom we collectively refer means Melissia.

    Unfortunately Melissia does not twist tails, pull legs, or any such thing. She is like the tele-evangelist of the Sisters of Battle, or a born-again Sisters. Melissia believes in the Sisters as much as the Sisters believe in the Emperor. Occasionally, this belief reaches irrational claims not tempered by the unfiltered reality.

    In all likelihood, Melissia has a special rule that allows her to perform wild miracles as Acts of Faith.

  10. Let's be realistic. Melissia is one of the worst forum trolls/posters in the 40K hobby. She's just an angry person, utterly convinced she is right about everything, and unwilling to brook any kind of discussion. Especially when it comes to the Sisters.