Friday, April 30, 2010

Jason's Sculpt

Since I've had the hardest time getting Jason to post to his blog I figured I would post it to mine to help get him inspired to update his own blog.
New Warpwolf Stalker for Privateer Press
I'm not sure who does the photography for PP but they always pic the weirdest angles to present their figures. Check out the 360 view for more detail.


  1. You ain't lyin'! Still, it's beautiful, awkward photo and all. As someone who has had the recent benefit of his tutelage, tell that man the internets need his blog!

  2. Excellent model, and even more exciting is that I plan on starting a Circle Orboros army once the Mark II rules come out. This model will definitely be one of my first buys on just how it looks alone.

    Tell him it is great work and I would love to see him update his blog with more of his stuff!