Monday, January 4, 2010

PE work has started

So i've finally put this monster of a mini together. some work was done to the legs as I hate the chicken walker look it to, always running forward and never able to turn leg stance it has. So a fake ball joint was added to it and the actual bar the legs slide onto has been bent. Hopefully this will give it a more dynamic pose once it's finished.

I also need to get this off my chest, The other day i was on ebay bidding on some sisters with melta guns, because i'm cheep and hate paying full price. So it was a great deal, half price and then some nob outbids me and is paying MORE than full price from GW for them. Wtf is up with this. I just don't get it. They were unpainted and probably needed some work. Why would someone pay more than retail for them off of ebay. *shakes head*


  1. I have seen the same thing at the now closed local GW store. The store would have auctions from time to time with oop models, damaged boxes and other product. People would start bidding on stuff and pay more than retail. The worse part of it was they could just walk over to the wall and pick up the same models for less money but would continually bid stuff up over retail.

  2. it might be some sort of a sicological thing, they might want to be sure that they have something or simply show off, for me it is silly but it is way life happens, just dont get mad just go on.

  3. That peninant engine looks like quite a task, best of luck with it! Good to see some Witch Hunter love, has been a while since I've encounter any of them at local stores or games. A sad stat of affaires!

    As for the bidding thing, it all comes down to psychology and clever marketing from Ebay's side. If people start bidding early and low there's a decent chance they'll get overbid and give it a second try for a still decent, though higher price. And that's were things start going insane, once you get involvved in the whole up-bidding thing it can be though to pull out in time.

  4. i guess some people just dont think and just bid on ebay.. oh well. hopeflly next time you'll score a good deal.
    anyways i like the green stuff work you did to change the leg stance i can already tell the model is gonna have a awesome dynamic pose just from that. good luck with the rest of it.

  5. I've always said that when you're building a Pen-engine you're the one doing the penance. I also call them Pin-engines, since every damn piece needs to be pinned. As for e-bay, well some folks are just idiots.