Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PE continued

I gotta say working on this Penitent Engine has got me hitting the wall. I'm use to painting very small things and this monstrosity is killing me. I'm painting small bits at a time, at this point it's been blocked out, washed and I'm now working on the purity seals and other banner objects. I'm not getting the colors I want out of my paints and I feel rushed because it's so large. I'm also thinking too far ahead, i'm trying to plan out the source lighting for the flamer and i'm no where near close to that point. Any inspirational words for me?
Maybe I need a second smaller figure to work on at the same time for when i get frustrated.


  1. I usually have an idea floating in my noggin that becomes my frustration catcher when I come to a 'grind' area. Currently its my assualt Marine manning an IG autocannon.

    Something like.....a IG coward being stripped down and sentencted to Arco-Flaggelent (sp) status. Yes a mini-diorama, but so cool an idea. And a release valve all in one.

  2. Here is what I do, I switch to another model. This is how I got my objective markers done as well as my faith markers. So set the Engine down and work on something elses for a day or two, then go back to the engine.

    Good luck, look forward to seeing the PE done.

  3. I agree with Tim. It might help to treat each part of the PE as a model. Finish the legs, paint a sister, finish an arm, paint a sister, finish the pilot area, finish a sister..

    I'm working on my sentinel right now and the grey-lining is making me cross eyed.

  4. Mine has been undercoated black for months now... I pick it up, look at it, then put it down and get on with something else lol!

    Yours is looking awesome, btw, and I love the blog. I'll link it up on mine soon, if you don't mind?