Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Baby Sitter ... or was it Butcher?

Now this is a bit of a funny story, well it's funny / cute to me.  
I've had the Butcher from KD sitting on my desk waiting for inspiration to hit and my boyfriend says to  me "wouldn't it be cool if he was a baby sitter?" implying he would watch demon babies for his friends but never set down his knives, and of course I can see it in my head and the ideas start flowing.  Originally this idea was for another friend but she hasn't picked up her miniatures in a year or more now, so I claimed it as mine and went to work. Of course it took a while to get together the demon babies and playroom goodies.  I was honestly surprised I could find baby room miniature bits. I didn't even use them all.  But Wyrd came through and I ended up using the blocks, rocking horse and magic mirror.  
I thought it would be fun to have them sitting on top of a toy box as a base and picked up one of those little wooden ones from the craft store gave it a good sanding and primed it black. The walls are styrene  because I really didn't want to mess with anything more difficult. In the magic mirror i tried to paint the mirror from sleeping beauty but it didn't turn out as nice as I wanted.  I still like it though. 
Now I don't know how the clowns happened but I think it's because I wanted to paint something festive on the box, just like a normal toy box. They usually have pictures of trains, ballons, clowns and other fun things.  Since this is a demon toy box I went for the scary clown first - Penny wise, and originally there were going to be ballons on the other side but they were just kind of flat. So I painted over them and started in on another clown - Bozo.  I'll apologize to all the clown fearing people out there in advance.   And of course the box says Toys on the front, can't you read it? It's plain as day. ;)
I know most of you are going to say WTF??? when you see this. But that's ok I would probably say the same thing.



  1. Best Dicebox EVER!

    Imagine, plunking your army down on the table opposite your opponent AND THEN you put down this unassuming little box with demon babies and the butchersitter on top.
    Love it!

  2. Incredible! What a cool idea!