Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP - TwilightKnight Pinup

Here is a little preview of what i've been working on. I still need to finish her touch ups and smooth out some blending in places. I also need to buy her plinth and get her base set up.

So this miniatures is the 54mm version of her and this is my first 54mm mini i've ever painting and i have to say i had a ball with it. Jason was looking over her and was like "I think you found your size" (of miniatures to paint) and I think he is right. I have a bunch of other 54mm figs on my wish list on CMON but have been scared to order the, now I will probably break my bank account buying more.


  1. Great looking mini, amazing paintjob!

  2. Very cool skin tone.

    I am jealous. I have had a really had time making that work for my new Hordes minis.

  3. Amazing work!! What is your tech for painting skin so well?

  4. drkmorals you don't want to know! it's lots of practice and watching advanced tutorials.

    "Artis Le Gnome" (3rd to last on the page) is a great tutorial for advanced skin tones. it gives you a good view of how to do it. it's totally worth the $25.
    I bought a subscription so i've studied most of the videos on that site and they are all amazing and different difficulty levels.

  5. Astro I'll see what i can do about putting up a tutorial for the skin tones.

  6. Thanks for the Tip I will be checking out the site. =P Wish me luck...I prob need it lol.