Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Game over man! - Leona Lobo

So I finished her up last night and waited until the sun came out this morning to take some decent pictures. After the last WIP pictures I really increased the shading and midtones on her skin and I found they translate a lot better than before. I'm much more happy with her now.

The Alien wall was a bit of a challenge and I didn't get exactly what I wanted but it was close enough that I didn't want to redo it. Next time I know I just need to punch up the highlights and midtones before I add the Tamia smoke gloss. I actually had a bunch of turquoise and green washes in some areas as well as purple and blues in others. Now you can't see them in the pictures all to well but they look fabulous in person.
Oh and I also sculpted the floor she is standing on with some green stuff and sculpting tools. I'm pretty proud of that since I suck at working with green stuff. I guess Jason's teachings are finally rubbing off. I'm sure he will be happy to read this.